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Editors' Picks

Nothing Lasts Forever

by: Speck
Speck is one of the most creative artists here on ccMixter. The song “Nothing Lasts Forever” is another proof of his passion for music. In collaboration with ccMixters legendary Unreal DM sound, a wonderful song was created.
Listen to it.
Stefan Kartenberg

Falling (You And I)

Falling is a wonderful love song produced by Siobhan Dakay. With the voice of Zutsuri it is a realy nice contribution to the Key of Love Remix Event. Listen to it.
Stefan Kartenberg

Nasty Woman

TexasRadioFish showcases what ccMixter is all about. Taking snippets from a lot of mixters and create a funky completely new track from it. The horn section, the bass line…umh…Nasty tracks need love as well. FUNK BABY
Siobhan Dakay


This remix is a mesmerizing masterpiece in which all of the parts fit like pieces in a puzzle. A wonderful orchestral background coupled with bell-like piano will fill your imagination.

Probably Shouldn't

Putting the FUN in funky, Stefan Kartenberg’s swinging mix of Mr_Yesterday’s bebop-ing vocals will put a smile on your face. Contrary to the title, you probably SHOULD push play now.
Kara Square

Delirious Fate

Delirious Fate is beautifully dark and melting with introspective richness. There are ropes and anchors in the heart of this mix. Porchcat pulls us down to a depth that is intoxicating, out of time, and beyond control. Like wine bottles in a shipwreck. There is a treasure here.

Who We Are

Hans Atom has hit again.
“Who We Are” is a wonderfully crafted Sythy Pop track, with the voice of MissJudged and Fireproof Babies.
Listen and enjoy.
Stefan Kartenberg

Key Of Love (Blue)

Tune in here and you will find a lovely bouquet of subtle-jazz paired perfectly with the wonderful spoken words of Snowflake. This song is filled with warm pulsating bass lines, balanced harmonic intervals, and strict sample-sounding piano chords that fill the bouquet nicely.

Recommencer Toi et moi

Trés Erotique.
Break beat paired with a very laszive French Lady telling us about her love to love songs while making love.
80s Synthesizer sequencing (Ultra Vox alike) and deep pads swirl around + plus a very fat sub bass make this track absolutely worth a listen. Bien joué BlueMillenium.
Siobhan Dakay

It Just Might Be

by: panu
This is absolutely loverly! A heart-warming and touching Key of Love collaboration between Panu and Unreal_DM sending much love straight to you.

Happy Valentine’s Day ccmixter!
Happy Valentine’s Day world!

Electric Lady Supastar

How about a catchy robot love song? Scomber’s hilarious, off-the-wall lyrics combined with Clarence Simpson’s jazzy acoustic guitar groove create a must-play, super-memorable Key of Love ballad.
Kara Square

Neighborhood Girl

Sometimes less is more they say…
Stefan Kartenberg’s remix of Steven M Bryant’s “Neighborhood Girl” is the perfect example of it!
Push play and enjoy!

A Safe Distance

Are you looking for a perfect Valentine’s Day song? Listen to “A Safe Distance” by Dan Mantau featuring Colortheory on vocals.
Stefan Kartenberg

Burn the Fence

Tired? Angry? Worried? Pump up the volume and Burn the Fence of all negative feelings.

PorchCat delivers a wild mix of broken beats, acid elements, a distorted voice and a very lot of energy. Not to forget the lyrics itself. Hear the flame rise!

The Talking Stone

Ready to get trapped by steel drum melodies, infectious beats, and the relaxed synth? Robbero’s remix of Jeris is a perfect electro instrumental for YouTube videos needing a chill vibe.
Kara Square