Rooted Rising Secret Mixter

Editors' Picks

Love is my Road (Back to You)

Alternative pop perfection with an epic build, dramatic orchestration, and mighty vocals. Siobhan Dakay’s remix of Admiral Bob has a classic folk ballad feel with modern sonic sensitivity.
Kara Square


by: sparky
Sparky’s Remix is powerful with a powerful message. A DnB / rock remix with energy to go. Sparky’s makes great use of the samples and edits both vocals to enhance the backing track.
Impressive work, impressive remix and impressive production.

I Am a Man

With her deep bass and groove along Haskel’s oh-so tasty guitar tones, Sackjo amplifies Mikey Burnz powerful voice for all to hear. We march with our fists in the air while we listen. I can’t breathe!!!

Like the Rain

Combine some hip little kids and a blistering funk groove with Apoxode’s penchant for masterful editting with wit and soulful vibey-ness, et voila’:

The all-time fun track for this Summer!


Break the Silence

Powerful and touching. Madam Snowflake gives us a deep message about the world in which we live in. She gives us hope about the possibility of change. With samples from 700P3D and Acrylicbathhouse.
Break the Silence and be the change.

Perfect Storm - Kara Square and Piero Peluche

This remix is a perfect storm of pop sensibilities and poignant lyrical content. In a playlist between Beyonce’s Black Parade and John Lennon’s Instant Karma, it stands on it’s own, and that says much more than I can say. Download it here and/or stream it on Spotify.

I Can't Breathe (septahelix remix)

Dynamic ambient trip-hop that shines a light on the protests. Take a moment to contemplate and chill.
Kara Square

BLM (I Can't Breathe)

by: Jihfa
Hip-hip that hits the heart. Jihfa’s remix of Michael Burnz’s passionate rap implements strong production skills. It includes protest field recordings from Spinningmerkaba. Listen & share.
Kara Square

Breathe - BLM Mix

by: J.Lang
Powerful downtempo track with a message. J.Lang’s remix includes spoken word by Letters For Black Lives, Spinningmerkaba’s field recordings of the Oxnard CA Black Lives Matter protest, and the verse putting all together by Mikey D. Listen to this important track.
Kara Square

I Can't Breathe

A peaceful ambient tribute to George Floyd. Admiral Bob’s remix of Subhashish is a powerful and thought-provoking moment of respect, healing, and hope.
Kara Square

here to stay

Exceptional performances in this heartfelt vocal and overwhelming musical skill and production. Technically and emotionally…the very best it can be.

Afrer Hours ( Remix )

Dysfunction_AL applies stellar creative and technical productions skills combined with an exceptional performance by thatcrazylittleasian to deliver epic electronic music.


It’s a time for uniting, Subliminal’s track is an anthem for the here and now.
Mana Junkie

Stay Calm

Inspiring EDM full of sparkling joy! Dysfunction_AL mixes up SackJo22’s vocals into an isolation-ending dance party. Get your groove on!
Kara Square


Chill, downtempo remix with ethereal vocals. Snowflake’s remix of airtone and mwic is soothing and inspiring. Push play and shut your eyes for a moment. Meditate. Conquer fear. Transmutate.
Kara Square