Editors' Picks


Noisy, raucous, rude and brilliant fun. Those krazy kids Do Kashiteru finds their groove and then dare you to get the hook(s) out of your head. Beneath all the flash bombs is a damn fine piece of arranging that despite gong-ing themselves, shows off a real talent.
Play 2025

We are in love (very deep mix)

This intriguing sonic experiment by Cezary Ostrowski around Shannon Hurley’s vocals is edgy, yet soothing - dissonant, yet dreamy - disconnected, yet intertwined. A remarkable piece of music!

Where Do Feelings Come From? (Cookies & Milk Mix)

by: Anchor
Even a stone couldn’t resist to this song. Slowly, softly a strange feeling comes inside you..Close your eyes…that’s it…you fly..!
ditto ditto

Chapped Lips (But still available for kissing)

Radiotimes must have somehow kidnapped the Steve Miller Band and David Holmes to make this one. Just the kind of track a DJ needs to drop to make the crowd go nuts. Featuring some mighty fine vocals by GuestsofNature. : )

THIS IS OUR MUSIC (Thruewiddit mix)

This had a bunch of reviews before i even got to it. Quite simply a contempory rythmic Hip Hop take that will test your cans and blip ya tweeters. Very Solid Stuff.

Sooner or Later

by: teru
A modern chill classic. With his 181st remix, teru resets the chill remix bar with a haunting collage of sounds, tonalities and textures. The intro alone will set you tingling, setting up the main vocal section that, once it starts up, takes you on an unforgettable, deep emotional journey.

Waves of Grace

Catchy, happy music? It’s good for the soul. Here’s some music therapy by Scottaltham featuring vocals by JenSomeone. Sweet. : )

Skyline Mix

I have never picked a Lasswell mix for some obvious reasons but also because they often find their way to the top without further promotion.

So why this one, well besides its majestic mellow grace its a fine example of conversations we have had about classic songwriting. A reflection of time when you did not need the latest drum sound or sample or vocal trick to be recognised.

It was all in the skill of the writer, arranger and performer.

Just like here in `Skyline’.

We are in Love

Sweet as honey, a straight throwback to a time when you didn’t know how good you had it. The execution is genuine (hard to do) and the result is smooth as silk. The genre is “vinyl cocktail lounge” and the drinks are on the house.

Shame (dogmix)

by: oldDog
A George Martin-esque production by one of the most versatile and consistent, yet daring risk-takers on the site. OD has uploaded so many great tracks that I’ve spent entire evenings having him provide the soundtrack. This fantastic arrangement and production demonstrates what makes that possible.


Behind the simple blue avatar of Onlymeith is a highly skilled and sensitive musician who has quietly delivered some great work onto CC mixter.

1982 is a complex symphony of weaving tones and deep themes. So try to listen behind the principal voice and there you’ll find Onlymeith.

Its like perfume for the ears
Play 1982

Broken (DURDEN version)

Durden’s epic treatment surrounding Amelia June’s sorrowful vocal track from Trifonic’s masterful “Emergence” album is a symphony for the new millennium. Surrounding pained sadness with determined power, gentle strings giving way to powerfully melancholic guitars, soaring and circling above a rhythmic foundation made of pure rock.

Wait (Liquid Version)

A somambulistic experience, with the vocals of Vox of A Minor theory drifting majestically into dusty rooms, filled with oxygen and water like eddies of time.

A Minor Theory + Maxwell = A Major Trip

leaves of autumn

A power ballad arrangement for the ages, sleeperspaceborn goes all out with Shannon’s “Silence” matching the a cappella emotional note for emotional note. Nothing subtle about this one, crank it.


I hear a hit from 1967 (Motown) or 1987 (Mod revival) in this great remix of dripmanila. And wail, it’s about time ol’ Doghouse Riley got an ED pick. ; )