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Editors' Picks


Extra fine funkiness courtesy of Texasradiofish whose expermient in slicing and dicing resulted in a deep, head nodding feel featuring a lot of different voices!

Without LOVE

“Without LOVE” is an artistic-techno-euro-pop hit from the mix-master Loveshadow.

Featuring the captivating vocals of waysidedrive, Loveshadow’s manipulation of key signature sounds effortlessly crafted in this must-listen track.

I refuse to give up

Some music is just beautiful.

Rocavaco takes the sweetly sexy voice of Mielle and places it in a mesmerizing ambient atmosphere colored by haunting tones, Songboy’s rich melisma, and whispers.

Waiting for a Hero

Elijahlucian took on the challenge of Project Questions fast paced pell putting it in an electro-bluegrass-country setting that is synched up tight, colored by rockin’ guitars, and wound up with raw energy that doesn’t let up for a moment.

Giant Love

Giant Love is alternative, artistic electro-pop that leaves you singing along and wanting more.

Featuring the sweet, somber vocals of WolfFly, tom_luft’s arrangement, treatment and production transforms ‘Giant Love’ into a winter hit.

Angel - Selektor vs. Sleeperspaceborn

Angel is a sonic spiritual experience, taking house-trance to a new level.

Featuring Sleeperspaceborn’s mystical vocal, this divine mix is polished and well-developed, with varied voices in all the right places.

Ghosts and Monsters

Shades of Trainspotting here,

The is the one i never saw, the one that got away in 2010 made up now in 2011.

Seed (the song)

Snowflakes latest Gem is my ideal of perfection.
Well produced, and it touches the soul.
Spinningmerkaba adds his beautiful touch on guitar. In the words of A.B. It’s a song of joy & hope.

Tangible Meaning of Life (Vo1k1 Mix)

by: vo1k1
vo1k1 shares the tangible meaning of life through music, groove, voice and rhythm. a remix of Alex Beroza, this track and its various soundscapes deserves listening exploration.

featuring the vocals of SackJo22 and Kaer Trouz, Tangible Meaning of Life is certain to inspire the ears.


Onlymeith showcases the gorgeous vocals of Mykleanthony with a soulful production, masterfully combining a variety of samples and sounds into a dynamic, moving track that essentially defies category. A bit of RnB, some rockin’ guitar and a feel that lingers.

What are you going to do/ Happy Mix.

by: J.Lang
This is like the haute couture in music. It is Sexy, glamorous, daring, avantgarde, gutsy [literally] …anywho! Bad baby! Just bad!
Hektor Thillet


While making a big breakfast, (a Sunday Brunch for our neighborhood friends), I had the Behind The Mask mixes playing in the background…

Then Sassygal’s K-I-S-S-I-N-G came on and immediately got all the kids dancing in the living room. It was a instant hit, and great fun for all!

I am moved by The Scomber family and their contributions to ccMixter. It is an inspiration, keeping music alive one generation to the next! Thanks for the good vibes on this track!

Feeling Dark (Behind The Mask)

by: 7OOP3D
I’m sure there will be tons of good remixes for the “Behind the Mask” Secret Mixter project, but it will be hard to top this absolute gem. Let this be a toast to many more great mixes to come.
MC Jack in the Box

The Garden ( Waiting )

More gazing ball than mirror ball: Welcome to Loveshadow’s amazing musical zen garden. You will find snowflake’s delicate, yet mature vocal performance surrounded by unsurpassed rich sonic lushness, contrasted with a hint of exotic ambiance from an intriguing libraryowl arrangement. Precision and emotion. Perfection. - Take a deep breath. Relax. Be the music.

Thinkin' About It - Side A

The care producer Carosone took with this genre-tight soul homage shines through in a dynamic arrangement that compels you to get into the groove! Once again, the exquisite vocals of Songboy3 inspire outstanding work from one of ccM’s tastiest mixters!