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musical comedy script

permalink   Tue, Jan 31, 2012 @ 7:39 AM
I have taken advantage of some CC-BY tracks with posted lyrics and stems as backing tracks for a musical comedy stage play script. Comedy is always sought by community and amateur theatres. Musicals tend to cost more in royalties, especially when backing tracks are required for most theatres without the luxury of a band. Latest one at another one currently open to collaborative writing at Stems can be mixed as backing tracks. CC-By is an advantage as it can be used by small ‘commercial’ community theatres who hire cleaners and other staff. Lyrics help the less musical players to learn the words. I am hoping to capture the heart of audiences and provide a context for broadcast of the music to occur. Most black and white films were written for stage and so my work can be adapted or used for film as-is. Adapting films for stage can be very tricky, however; I will keep writing for stage.