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ccHost 5.0.1 Release / Call for CSS Gurus

permalink   Thu, Nov 13, 2008 @ 2:33 AM
The code that powers ccMixter is an open source project called ccHost.

Yesterday, after more than a year of development (and real time testing here on ccMixter!) we’ve released version 5.0.1 including our fancy new wiki documentation (because I just wanted to spread the joy of doc’ing this stuff with the world!)

ccHost requires that you have a web server that runs PHP and mySQL. Version 5 is the first “code free” version, which means you can run your own Creative Commons enabled media blog or community without any knowledge of HTML, PHP or any other coding skills - you can run the whole site just by filling out forms. ccHost doesn’t just do music files, it also works with images, videos and Flash (tm). And (of course) you can even extend the types of files it works with.

Previous version of ccHost have been downloaded 1,000s of times over the last few years and used for personal music blogs, huge Flash-mod community sites, Open Font Library, Open Clip Art… you get the idea.

What’s missing from version 5 a gallery of serious skins. If you are or know any CSS gurus please have them get in touch and by spending a few days with our very amenable, open community you’ll be, er, world famous overnight. We could really use help with skins targeting mobile users too!