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review of 'a day in blue art' by 'apoxode' another original track with no stems using a sample to start it off to qualify as a remix? let...
...n't think this will qualify for ccplus with a non-ccplus cc-by, because of the terms of conventional cc-by. i could be wrong, i thin, so... i guess i qualify.)
review of 'seven doors to the river' by 'whitewolf' i think this could qualify as a true monster mash! awesome!
review of 'black in space' by 'speck' this is not a sample. please upload separate stems to qualify as a sample upload.
review of 'the claim' by 'panu' ditto what speck said. the music sounds good but doesn't qualify as a sample on this site. if you uploa...
review of 'menarost ringtone' by 'apoxode' we need you to upload the stems separated out for this loop to qualify it as a sample. otherw...
review of 'the grits' by 'panu' hey, this track sounds good. to qualify as a sample you need to upload the individual stems used to crea..., but would this qualify better as a field recording sample than an acappella? i only ask because it seems impossible to clearly
review of 'coffee in afternoon' by 'speck' in order to qualify as a sample upload you must upload the samples/stems. you can upload this ...
...l (and necessary to qualify as a sample upload) to have the violin and/or piano stems.
...t (upload stems) to qualify this as a sample upload. a mix is not a sample. this site is not for uploading original mixes (unless yo
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