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...w you tailored your melodies and verse structure to airtone's backing track and, and it is fantastic to hear you sing !! [up][/up][
...he sweet shimmering melodies.
... a space around the melodies! [up][/up][up][/up]
... bridge. (such cool melodies here). horns and dynamics build to that freakin' awesome end (love the major chord change). brilliant v beats, pads and melodies carry the song on its mysterious journey. love that electric guitar hook. the breakdown section is perf
review of 'amin_2023' by 'kara square' relaxing with really nice, inspiring melodies. thanks for the share!
...em to good use. the melodies and beats in your arrangement are hypnotic. your mix makes me want to sing more vocals like this... chi
...reating captivating melodies and use them in remix work. the track already gives me goosebumps, imagine if a real vocalist would sin
review of 'artemis seven ost track far away' by 'snowflake' your melodies, chord choices and sounds are beautiful. it was an honor to spe...
...rrangement with new melodies and stops in all the right places. full of sonic delight! thank you for remixing me. [up][/up]
...utiful music to the melodies and feelings in my heart.
review of 'earth is made of' by 'apoxode' this is awesome, darkroom! ever changing, and i like the asian melodies and rhythms you use. a ...
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