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review of 'more clever' by 'mwic' i almost can't believe the level of quality and quantity you bring to this community. currently read... it gives not the quantity of the instruments it employs. this is a wonderful example of this. two minutes of great sounds and
...his is quality over quantity ! [up][/up]
review of 'up to kara stars' by 'scott altham' i find that the electronic tracks are less in quantity than they used to be on ccmixter, b...
...ality keeps up with quantity but that's the case here. to all the great quantity of music that's in this song, great work master!
...not suffer from the quantity. each remains a treat.
review of 'quality & quantity' by 'bocrew' ah thanks mana junkie, for this good mix!!! really like the bass line!!! ps : and the mix
review of 'quality & quantity' by 'texasradiofish' gots the beat synth bass sound good good b/t, mj
review of 'quality & quantity' by 'mind map that!' very cool backing track... great effects on the vocals... smooth and head-nod inducing...
review of 'at the root' by 'speck' it's not the quantity but the quality that you always impress me with. thanks for all the stems on thi...
review of 'truth and beauty scratched' by 'abstract audio' you've done a lot of remixes and as many as they are in quantity they are in q...
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