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Reviews left by Hans Atom

Tue, Oct 4 6:15 AM Hans Atom review of Wake Up! Wake Up (Jam) by Siobhan Dakay
Outstanding, dear Siobhan! Love what you did here, Speck sounds great and the sy...
Tue, Oct 4 4:27 AM Hans Atom review of Living Nightmare (pell) by Snowflake
Great work, Snowflake. I love your voice, your lyrics and the excellent quality ...
Tue, Oct 4 4:19 AM Hans Atom review of Break Free by Tarida Gaol
Sounds so easygoing and simple. Just like an excellent piece of pop should sound...
Tue, Oct 4 4:06 AM Hans Atom review of Something Special by texasradiofish
Nice and smooth and cool and slick! Mr- XChile does a beautiful Santana-Guitar.
Tue, Oct 4 4:02 AM Hans Atom review of Bells Of London by Stefan Kartenberg
Great idea and great execution. Excellent solo-guitar work!
Tue, Oct 4 3:40 AM Hans Atom review of the sweetest kind of rest by Fireproof_Babies
Its always good to hear Joe again. Especially in such a nice 303-stylish remix. ...
Tue, Oct 4 3:36 AM Hans Atom review of Supernatural(Instrumental) by Alex
Lots of power and tension. Totally dig the industrial/Front 242 elements in a mu...
Tue, Oct 4 3:32 AM Hans Atom review of Holiday Funky Blues by Alex
Bills drums go so well with your synth sound. Great groove going on. Extremly we...
Tue, Oct 4 3:28 AM Hans Atom review of Ghost's Lullaby by Robbero
What a nice smoothie! Well done
Fri, Sep 30 6:23 AM Hans Atom review of One Way by Aussens@iter
So nice and simple and just right. This is a skillfull reminder to me that less ...
Fri, Sep 30 6:20 AM Hans Atom review of Raised Walls by Siobhan Dakay
Whoa...this is a big and cinematic piece of music...just impressing. You did a p...
Sun, Aug 21 7:15 AM Hans Atom review of Hanging Eleven by Kara Square
Love it. Nice punk vibes, vey well done!
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