Branching Out Secret Mixter Sign Ups

Reviews left for Sprezza

Sun, Jul 8 12:05 PM Snowflake review of Buzz Phrases-Becky by Sprezza
thank you for this.
Wed, Mar 16 3:16 AM Speck review of Bees by Sprezza
Fascinating. Thanks for sharing this.
Sun, Nov 15 1:14 PM Snowflake review of Buzz Phrases-Dave by Sprezza
wonderful reading of these great well-known words and phrases. creative.
Sun, Oct 23 12:14 PM annabloom review of Buzz Phrases-Jacob by Sprezza
sound like being in one of our 'global calls'.
Wed, Sep 28 1:05 PM Kara Square review of Buzz Phrases-Becky by Sprezza
Sun, Jul 24 3:29 AM txoof review of Surf & Cobbles 1 by Sprezza
This track has a lovely rich and layered sound. I hacked it up, and used it rec...
Wed, Apr 6 4:42 PM annabloom review of Commentary by Sprezza
great stuff, i think i'll use that soon.
Wed, Mar 30 4:38 PM Speck review of Expansion Joint by Sprezza
Thanks, always appreciate a good field recording of something I haven't heard be...
Tue, Jan 18 2:41 PM opus_opium review of Steam by Sprezza
Crisp! Sounds so detailed i got a wiff and didn't and couldn't inhale! Great Sou...
Tue, Jan 18 10:33 AM panu review of Grind by Sprezza
wait 'til Speck hears THIS!
Sun, Jul 4 7:06 PM go1dfish review of Punch 4 by Sprezza
Might want to also post samples like this to It's a so...
Tue, Aug 11 5:19 PM Kamihamiha review of Surf & Cobbles 1 by Sprezza
This is awesome, ill upload my mix once the secret mixter deadline is up!