Reviews left for Puie

Sat, Oct 27 2:43 AM gurdonark review of Accordeon, short by Puie
This type of thing is very easy for me to use. Thanks for posting it. I need to ...
Fri, Oct 26 5:38 PM victor review of Accordeon, longer by Puie
puie is back! wahoo! excellent sample! hey, get in touch with me, I owe you m...
Mon, Apr 2 9:51 PM duckett review of Polystyrene by Puie
love the variety of sounds...
Sun, Jan 14 2:05 PM gurdonark review of Picked zither by Puie
An excellent sample, which might be used "as is" to create a song, or may be mor...
Tue, Mar 7 9:45 PM cdk review of Bombarde Indienne by Puie
very cool, nice mello morning tribal days..
Tue, Mar 7 11:26 AM victor review of Bombarde Indienne by Puie
I don't know if it's because there's so much (pardon me -- 2nd rate) electronica...
Sun, Mar 5 5:10 PM shagrugge review of Bombarde Indienne by Puie
- serious ear candy -
Wed, Jan 25 7:11 PM shagrugge review of Oboe-one-Kenobi by Puie
Prime sample material...I love the fact that more and more acousticians are jump...
Wed, Jan 25 3:00 PM green32saree review of Oboe-one-Kenobi by Puie
A very nice oboe melody. I used it in 'assworship', thanks to Puie !
Wed, Sep 14 6:07 PM gurdonark review of Oboe-two-Kenobi by Puie
Wonderful! very useful and clean and good. thanks for putting this up. I don't k...
Mon, Sep 12 9:35 AM victor review of WhistlePad by Puie
This is pretty cool, thanks for uploading