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Reviews left by Nickillus

Wed, Aug 14 3:51 AM Nickillus review of Odder Stuff (Duckettized) by 7OOP3D
Fabulous bit of dark and moody electronica. Great remix.
Wed, Aug 14 3:47 AM Nickillus review of All it takes by Siobhan Dakay
This is simply superb. It's like being in an intimate room, when a wonderful pe...
Wed, Aug 14 3:32 AM Nickillus review of Blind Love (Gypsy Dub) by ScOmBer
Wed, Aug 14 3:23 AM Nickillus review of Funky Moon by Stefan Kartenberg
Irresistibly toe tapping. That persistent beat grabs your ears and just won't l...
Wed, Aug 14 3:20 AM Nickillus review of Do You Remember by Radioontheshelf
Atmospheric in the extreme. The wonderful, chanting lilt you've set up is almos...
Wed, Aug 14 3:11 AM Nickillus review of >MJ by panu
You had me as soon as that upright bass riff kicked in. Love the jazzy vibe, Pa...
Wed, Aug 14 3:07 AM Nickillus review of Decisions by Mana Junkie
Really characterful piece, Mana Junkie. I can really imagine this as part of a ...
Wed, Aug 14 3:02 AM Nickillus review of TRF Momentum Mix by Speck
Another brilliantly creative remix, Speck. The way you manage to integrate soun...
Tue, Aug 13 1:32 PM Nickillus review of Hey, Are You Here? by Kara Square
This is glorious. An utterly enchanting arrangement, full of mystery and charm....
Tue, Aug 13 1:28 PM Nickillus review of yellow by cyba
Super bit of electronica, Cyba. Bubbles along brilliantly.
Tue, Aug 13 9:53 AM Nickillus review of mandolin chinese (moscardo remix) by moscardo
Lovely piece, Moscardo. Packed with charm and character.
Tue, Aug 13 9:42 AM Nickillus review of Triptych of Snippets by septahelix
The use of that piano to change the direction around the three minute mark is fa...
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