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Christopher "Chrizac" Roberts (Chrizac):

Christopher "Chrizac" Roberts (Chrizac)

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The Dirty South has produced lots of hip-hop royalty; now, straight out of Jacksonville, Florida, it’s giving us a new rapmaster by the name of Christopher “ChriZac” Roberts. Taking it back to the beginning, though ChriZac was a bright student, continually getting in trouble kept him from taking school seriously. The lure of the streets earned him a juvenile incarceration. After those growing pains, ChriZac, influenced by others around him channeled his creativity into working on his music.
The ambitious ChriZac concentrated on creating his music, and released the CDs New Beginning and In God We Trust in 2001 and The ReBirth in 2004. Those CDs yielded some successful singles, with “Chill Y’all” and “Look Out For U” breaking out from New Beginning and “U Can’t Run” and “They Want Beef” making noise from The ReBirth CD. Encouraged by the success of his hit singles, ChriZac created another vehicle for the exposure of his music, and that of other up-and-coming local artists, and began a cable tv program in 2002, called “Focus TV,” which airs in Florida, Georgia and Tennessee. Via his tv show, ChriZac’s music has been spreading into more and more regions.
ChriZac will release his next CD, I Am ChriZac, in 2012. He is working with some of the brightest young producers on the scene today, including MG out of Jacksonville, Non Similar, JC and Sweets out of Atlanta, to put together his new CD.
ChriZac currently has a single out, called “Be My Lady” featuring SB, which is on iTunes. Also expected to appear on the new CD is a just-completed song called “Collard Greens.” Says ChriZac, “my goal is to get my voice heard and to become a successful, shining star on the rap horizon.”
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