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Waiting 2 Fell What I feel (B&B mix)

uploaded: Sat, Mar 14, 2015 @ 6:56 PM last modified: Fri, Nov 20, 2015 @ 11:31 AM  (del)
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Cool little track, where would acid jazz be without Roadblock, the song people used to dance to till they knew who it was by. By which time they were too pissed up to care and danced anyway.

Software used is Reason 8, Pro Tools 11, NI Komplete. One of the probs with Linux (we’ll be back on Ardour/Jack when we’ve got ICE-16 drivers) is the lack of loops, so we’ve got some stuff to make some up with, including Recycle too.

Komplete’s Kontact has a really good bass sound on it, actually fools most bassists especially crap ones like me.

Oddly I’ve been compared to Bill Wyman, who’s band the Stones dated Mandy Smith. Would same age make any difference? In all probability, no.

Respectable was also the title of a Mel&Kim song, Mel & Kim are sort of n all girl Mel & Kim, but are girls, so more Mel & Mel. Spicy maybe, but still girls, and you’ll not get much serious press coverage if that be the case. Even if that Bey the case, as not even Roc Records seems to be able to shift the new Kylie stuff, even though it’s really good.

One KM record worth getting is Into The Blue (Matt Pop’s Endless Journey Mix) which is on sale as well as a Stellar Art Wars version of Light My Fire.

It’s interesting as we’re having some problem getting a full digital release, (it’s for sale on CDBaby but not Amazon/iTube etc) is the issue of a) Jim Morrison and when/if he died , what constitutes b) The Doors in the (Sliding) Doors Of Perception and c) what is the publisher that represents them. It’s a bit of a Pandora’s Box itself…

"Waiting 2 Fell What I feel (B&B mix)"
by stellarartwars

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