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Musical Experiment: Inching Toward Holorhyme

uploaded: Mon, Oct 17, 2016 @ 8:27 AM last modified: Mon, Oct 17, 2016 @ 8:28 AM  (add)
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Jagged Little Bill drops in for some verbal gymnastics and a soft-boiled easter egg.

Little Bill’s got the skills
like a philharmonic.
I’m bookin’, I’m cooking’
I’m hookin’ on phonics.
Check this hectic
Electric tonic,
I’m goin’ in out in out
And off and on it.
Come what may a new day is dawnin’
My son is comin’ up with Created Commons.
I’m head of the class and I set up a fascinatin’ rhythm
Give it away, give it away now and they can take it with ‘em
It’s a beautiful system — a musical mission
Don’t listen to me all night;
Go visit a remix site.
That’s where you’ll see the light,
I swear it’ll be alright.

"Musical Experiment: Inching Toward Holorhyme"
by mwic

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