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Don't Go (Flying Through Time Mix)

uploaded: Sun, Jun 17, 2012 @ 4:14 AM
byMana Junkie
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Imagine this song coming from an 8 track player in an old 78 Chevy 4x4 parked a rock overlooking the water and you will get the feeling that I was after in this one.

Though, something was lost when I rendered this one. I will fix it later… or it could be a recaptured the feel it felt coming through the cheap car speakers. :P

Don’t Go by mykleanthony
My life has changed from familiar
To the unknown

My rock
My heart
My Everything
My Stone

Baby What’s wrong

What can I do
I’ll get the best
The money
The rest
Don’t worry
We’ll test

It’s too far gone
No more time
No more trying
no morer crying
We’re near the end

I don’t think so!!!

Hang on
I’m not ready to
Let you go yet

Oh God

Help me please
I think there’s
Something gone wrong

Get someone in here
Stop these things
From going off
She’s still with me
Can’t you See

No No No No

Don’t go
We’re not finished yet
No not yet

Don’t give up
we’ve got
The Kids
The house
The car
This life
We’ve come so far
Don’t you leave me

Don’t go

"Don't Go (Flying Through Time Mix)"
by Mana Junkie

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