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Of Sea and Skye and Sand

uploaded: Fri, Jul 15, 2022 @ 8:44 AM
FeaturingSkye Jordan
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Charles Darwin shook the tree of science and brought down more than Newtons apple. His beliefs and studies invoked the wrath of the scientific and religious worlds with his talk of apes and evolution.

In the years that have passed since his first findings we are no nearer to really knowing how we came about. There is a general concensus that life began in water and approximately how many years ago that began. For those who believe what the bible tells them it is all pretty straightforward. God came. God saw. God acted and the world began.

We may argue as to the bibles validity in the modern age and like many I find it hard to believe in any religion but that has never stopped me having a little faith.

I have used Skye’s midi files with piano, synth and mallets to create the foundation of the mix and used variations of his chord progression
C G A B D on the other instruments

On terra nova by rocks and sea and sand
The unicellular microorganism decided to take a stand
And despite the turbulence the rays of death invoking light
My ancient Grandad made his way to give my body life

And somewhere in a galaxy still hidden from our view
Began the first appearance of the God who would abuse
All the power that dreamers gave him in their lust for truth and joy
While I was still unformed unseen still to be natures boy

If I’d been given paths to follow different from these genes
I could have been a dinosaur or maybe a life unseen
But somewhere in the distant past nature placed me on the road
That ultimately led me here to the life that I have known

One day long after I have gone the scientists may know
Exactly where my family tree was planted on the road
And the God who is still followed may have facts upon his side
So that ultimately he may be the one who cannot be denied

"Of Sea and Skye and Sand"
by Radioontheshelf

2022 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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