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Switching Accounts

uploaded: Tue, Oct 24, 2023 @ 5:52 AM last modified: Sun, Nov 19, 2023 @ 9:26 AM  (replace)
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Switching Accounts
(Fonazza-Stent 2023)

Indie EDM beats, 110 BPM. All the synth presets are custom designed. Each one has a different color, extracted from a painting by Clyfford Still of the 1950s in color field style. The colors were translated to waveforms, which were then loaded into the Triple Oscillator as custom waveforms to create a preset. This happened through the aid of a free and open source program called Color to Waveform, which can be downloaded at:

Here’s a list of the colors in HEX format:

- 8f292d
- 073b7c
- 727881
- ff7f34
- ffbc01

The kick and snare of the drum track are custom designed and have a natural caucasian skintone color. Hats and percussions were fed on a separate mixer channel to a convolution reverb made with a Coca-Cola glass with an embossed logo in a red coloration.

The harmony was designed with a free and open source program called Random Chords, which can be downloaded here:

Unprocessed and processed stems included. LMMS score project included.

More info about the procedures described here at:
See "How I Did It"

Contents of ZIP Archive: stems

  • /stems/1_8f292d.ogg (274.14KB)
  • /stems/10_snare unprocessed envelope.wav.ogg (274.00KB)
  • /stems/11_snare unprocessed envelope.wav.ogg (273.66KB)
  • /stems/12_funk_box_perc_1.ds.ogg (273.76KB)
  • /stems/13_funk_box_perc_2.ds.ogg (274.41KB)
  • /stems/14_funkay_timbale.ds.ogg (274.40KB)
  • /stems/15_clav.ds.ogg (274.02KB)
  • /stems/16_clav_2.ds.ogg (273.92KB)
  • /stems/17_light_tamb_1.ds.ogg (273.91KB)
  • /stems/18_Dry Clap.ogg (274.12KB)
  • /stems/2_073b7c.ogg (274.66KB)
  • /stems/3_727881.ogg (274.21KB)
  • /stems/4_ff7f34.ogg (274.05KB)
  • /stems/5_ffbc01.ogg (273.90KB)
  • /stems/6_Closed Hihat.ogg (273.90KB)
  • /stems/7_Closed Hihat.ogg (274.13KB)
  • /stems/8_Open Hihat.ogg (274.37KB)
  • /stems/9_kick unprocessed envelope.wav.ogg (274.70KB)
  • /stems/drums.wav (273.76KB)
  • /stems/kick+snare.wav (274.14KB)
  • /stems/reverb.wav (274.12KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: LMMS score

  • /#073b7c.wav (404)
  • /#727881.wav (404)
  • /#8f292d.wav (404)
  • /#e6aa86.wav (404)
  • /#ff7f34.wav (404)
  • /#ffbc01.wav (404)
  • /kick unprocessed envelope.wav (160.64KB)
  • /snare unprocessed envelope.wav (161.19KB)
  • /Switching Accounts.mmpz (9.99KB)
  • /Switching Accounts.mmpz.bak (9.94KB)
  • /Switching Accounts.txt (1.00KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: chord and scale score

  • /Switching Accounts chords.mmpz (3.06KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: processed stems

  • /073b7c processed.ogg (108.60KB)
  • /727881 processed stereo.ogg (154.14KB)
  • /8f292d processed stereo.ogg (160.56KB)
  • /ff7f34 processed stereo.ogg (165.20KB)
  • /ffbc01 processed stereo.ogg (173.83KB)
  • /hats processed.ogg (115.09KB)
  • /perc processed stereo.ogg (168.27KB)
  • /reverb stereo.ogg (159.91KB)

Contents of ZIP Archive: processed drum stems

  • /kick processed.ogg (274.02KB)
  • /kick+snare processed.ogg (273.71KB)
  • /snare processed.ogg (273.63KB)

"Switching Accounts"
by Fonazza-Stent

2023 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (4.0)

Click here for how to give credit and other conditions.

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