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Sleep Deprivation 2012 + Stems - 88 BPM

uploaded: Tue, Jan 3, 2012 @ 4:44 PM last modified: Tue, Jan 3, 2012 @ 7:31 PM  (replace)
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I’ve made a drum kit for this and I’m trying for some other samples for it now…

Oh is it that time already?
But I don’t want to go to work!

Sleep deprivation I’m so tired
like an old man who can’t retire
bloodshot eyes I got ADD
my aching bones are bothering me

I can’t speak my tongue trips and knots
stuttering, stumbling is the upshot
came to work early now I get to wait
door frame slump I can’t stand up straight

god why does time move by so slow
wishing for a towel that I could throw
already here I can’t call out sick
ephedra’s illegal can’t buy that shit

time to punch in put my game face on
a barely functioning automaton
I won’t win awards for calligraphy
oh god please let me go back to sleep

the break of dawn I feel like a yawn
drunk, passed out on the front lawn
up all night on the internet
did not shower put cologne over it

my shift will last for like ten hours
kryptonite stole my work powers
can’t clean dishes at the speed at light
can’t remember what’s not in plain sight

like I was high on mary jane
but I am sober so that can’t explain
my confused nature I can’t compute
even if the problem is two plus two

I hope we’re slow so they let me go
if they say so I’m on the outro
In the meantime I’m just the walking dead
shuffling around with a lowered head

at my age I sould be more wise
and not stay up until the sunrise
but I am stupid that’s no wonder
for avoiding proper nightly slumber

the break of dawn I feel like a yawn
drunk, passed out on the front lawn
up all night on the internet
did not shower put cologne over it

Nemo in Dreamland, things I don’t see
I have no dreams when I go to sleep
Manic phases power my mental state
Deprived of sleep I become irate

I can’t think straight I can’t concentrate
On my daily tasks piled upon my plate
Red Bull Monster right down the hatch
Pumping my heart like a boxing match

Body is hyped brain won’t come around
After my shift feel so run down
I Take a shower and feel energized
I wanna play around and feel mesmerized

By my music and my pile of art
I go right back to the very start
Of this routine daily mean to me
I got two ears with no brains with between

Hahahah… this is the sleep deprived Coruscate of the

Incomplete Orchestra… wishing and hoping on 40 winks.
Good night.
Sleep tight.
And don’t let the bedbugs bite

Contents of ZIP Archive: loops in zip

  • /88 Sleep Deprivation stems/accoustic bass.mp3 (255.75KB)
  • /88 Sleep Deprivation stems/clap.mp3 (224.16KB)
  • /88 Sleep Deprivation stems/crashes.mp3 (350.84KB)
  • /88 Sleep Deprivation stems/deep kick.mp3 (542.53KB)
  • /88 Sleep Deprivation stems/glockenspiel.mp3 (272.30KB)
  • /88 Sleep Deprivation stems/harpsichord.mp3 (289.64KB)
  • /88 Sleep Deprivation stems/music box.mp3 (280.03KB)
  • /88 Sleep Deprivation stems/shakers.mp3 (622.69KB)
  • /88 Sleep Deprivation stems/snare.mp3 (267.89KB)
  • /88 Sleep Deprivation stems/softer kick.mp3 (432.07KB)
  • /88 Sleep Deprivation stems/tambourine.mp3 (219.16KB)
  • /88 Sleep Deprivation stems/tic-toc.mp3 (660.00KB)

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"Sleep Deprivation 2012 + Stems - 88 BPM"
by coruscate

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