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Home 80 BPM Construction Kit

uploaded: Sat, Dec 31, 2011 @ 9:34 PM last modified: Sat, Dec 31, 2011 @ 9:45 PM  (replace)
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This is an oddball project with some left over creative pieces. It’s not horrible, but it’s not a chart topper either. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike it. It’s just one of those things I had to do, I listen to it and enjoy it… but not as much as say my hip hop tracks.

The drumns are from my Casio WK-1630, the OTR samples are from public domain.

Contents of ZIP Archive: loops in zip

  • /main drums/deep kicks.mp3 (275.63KB)
  • /main drums/snare.mp3 (120.51KB)
  • /main drums/tic toc 1.mp3 (149.16KB)
  • /main drums/tic toc 2.mp3 (149.93KB)
  • /music/01 intro strings.mp3 (271.36KB)
  • /music/01 intro strings.mp3.sfk (12.40KB)
  • /music/02 strings float.mp3 (68.02KB)
  • /music/03 move 1.mp3 (106.13KB)
  • /music/04 move 2.mp3 (68.02KB)
  • /music/05 move 3.mp3 (295.82KB)
  • /music/06 move 4.mp3 (112.78KB)
  • /music/07 move 5.mp3 (67.22KB)
  • /music/09 move 6.mp3 (171.98KB)
  • /music/09 move 7.mp3 (157.45KB)
  • /music/10 glisten 1.mp3 (127.36KB)
  • /music/11 glisten 2.mp3 (117.14KB)
  • /music/12 light up.mp3 (121.73KB)
  • /music/13 move 8.mp3 (147.42KB)
  • /music/14 move 9 drop to vocal.mp3 (190.50KB)
  • /music/15 vocal 1.mp3 (153.84KB)
  • /music/16 vocal 2.mp3 (150.23KB)
  • /music/17 vocal 3.mp3 (165.00KB)
  • /music/18 vocal 4.mp3 (138.89KB)
  • /music/19 vocal 5.mp3 (163.03KB)
  • /music/20 vocal 6.mp3 (312.19KB)
  • /music/20 vocal 6.mp3.sfk (13.74KB)
  • /music/21 vocal 7.mp3 (123.52KB)
  • /music/22 old funk.mp3 (134.63KB)
  • /music/23 old hype.mp3 (38.63KB)
  • /music/24 salt splits.mp3 (35.67KB)
  • /music/25 salt splits 2.mp3 (35.20KB)
  • /music/26 salt splits 3.mp3 (39.94KB)
  • /music/27 salt splits 4.mp3 (42.47KB)
  • /music/28 salt splits 5.mp3 (57.61KB)
  • /music/29 chilly down.mp3 (63.52KB)
  • /music/30 chilly down 2.mp3 (77.63KB)
  • /music/31chilly down 3.mp3 (127.69KB)
  • /music/32chilly down 4.mp3 (66.33KB)
  • /music/33 wind down 1.mp3 (64.50KB)
  • /music/34 wind down 2.mp3 (33.38KB)
  • /music/35 last.mp3 (67.05KB)
  • /abandonship.acd (128.98KB)

"Home 80 BPM Construction Kit"
by coruscate

2011 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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