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How Much Is Your Soul Worth 140 BPM

uploaded: Thu, Nov 24, 2011 @ 8:00 PM last modified: Sun, Jan 15, 2012 @ 6:57 PM  (replace)
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FINALIZED : No longer in WIP.

Hmmm It’s time
it’s time it’s time

It’s time it’s time
Look at the time Look at your mind

So pathetic Worthless skeptic
Elevated idiot Irrelevant idiom

Diahrreal surreal So you squeel
There’s no appeal You just heel

No one hears No one cares
No one fears No one dares

Unreceptive regail Unbelieveable airs
But none compares to your tall tails


What a tangled web you weave
mangling lies for cheap deceipt
these liars and sell out charlatains
treating your mind like a garbage bin

These war companies and foreign lobbies
flood the TV with blood money
our words of protest often fail
because all of congress is up for sale

partisan speakers, horrible think tanks
think of us as controllable ranks
but so many of you just make this so
giving these people full mental control

You don’t direct yourselves at all
You’re just abject controllable thralls
mentally prone with no defense
You don’t even own their own two cents

so how much is your soul worth
struggle blindly, from your birth
live by your ethics or you’ll be hurt
an aching soul put in the dirt

so shake these, break these mortal chains
free the constraints placed on your brain
be cynical, critical, inquisitive,
self aware and cognitive

why would you do that to yourself
worthlessly trash your mental health
what kind of reward do you get for that
a pin and a shirt and a tacky hat
like two packs of rats fighting over cheese
with cockroaches for standing armies
they have hidden views and unspoken goals
it’s deja vu for world control
they attack with cash and PR firms
push ‘em back with facts and researched words
whether Republican or Democrat
neither politician is worth a crap
they say they love our democracy
But only support nasty oligarchy
The sons and daughters of well placed folk
bribe congressmen to put you in a yoke


So don’t repeat the same mistake
sooner or later the circle must break
put your vote and faith behind
a candidate who toes your line

so how much is your soul worth
see through the lies upon this earth
Find an ethic and toe that line
Watch what you do there’s no rewind


If you murder there’s a price to pay
if you cheer war the price is the same
war is no joke no half time game
abhor the hopelessly insane

They live so vicariously
and hang their lies so precariously
these white racists hate to see
the true results of their stupidity

xeno phobic, short sighted shits
mass producing newspaper obits’
from Nam to Iraq take two steps back
It’s the same crap in a brand new wrap

any excuse to start a fire fight
as long as the target just is not white
bumbling leaders change into icons
even if they’re certified morons


So just how much is their soul worth
Not so much they traded it for dirt
abandoned their morals for pain and fear
and live their life just kissing rear

They gave into false boundaries
And shut down their mental faculties
They’re gullible, angry and easy to fool
They’re Just useful political tools


Live by your word it’s all you have
Avoid the herd or feel the wrath

Think on your own don’t be a fool
don’t become a living stepping stool

"How Much Is Your Soul Worth 140 BPM"
by coruscate

2011 - Licensed under
Creative Commons
Attribution (3.0)

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