Firefly Secret Mixter Remixes!

Editors' Picks

Nube (scmixer frozen wind mix)

s.c.mixer transforms oldDog’s harp accompaniment for SilviaO’s beautiful love song Nube onto a new level of smoothness. Some mellow beats and decent distortion result in a true modern love song that invites the audience to dream of a flight with the clouds.

Lonely Man

by: Jeris
Jeris wraps his funky chunky rhodes dirge march around the Haskels and the pairing could make a lonely man feel gregarious.
MC Jack in the Box


Zep Hurme meticiulously arranges and produces the excellent songwriting and vocal performance of Josh Woodward in a track with intelligent pop sensibilities, sensitive dynamics and fabulous sound. Bravo!

Gonna Love You More

A light pop ballad with rich, captivating harmonies, Ivan Chew’s “Gonna Love You More” is a moving spin on the emotion-filled lyrics and music from Admiral Bob’s “Heaven.” Ivan’s voice and the loving mood of this piece bring to mind the band Kings of Convenience. Push play, shut your eyes, and let yourself be swept away by this magical love song.
Mind Map That!

Lonely Man

The Ghost Kollective features a provocative performance by Sackjo22 in Lonely Man — the first release from the GK’s new album scAtT3rbRa1Nz.

With hypnotizing rhythm, crunchy guitars, ethereal soundscape, and sensual melody, Lonely Man sings to the Soul and moves the body. A must listen.

I Knew It Would Fall (mix)

by: @nop
La crème de la crème.
Hektor Thillet

That's How We Do It

This banner remix by Geert Veneklaas features a classic pell by Pat Chilla and beautiful opera vocals by Heidi Yost.

Get your groove on and open your mind. This is how we do it at ccMixter!

A Girl Like You

Swingin’ from top to bottom with honest style and heartfelt vox—TRF and Steve Bryant get you up and dancing like you were in a flash mob at a 50’s diner.

Favorite Photograph (Then and now)

TheDice rocks it out with Snowflake and Copperhead in this high-octane remix of Favorite Photograph.

Deck The Halls (Elves and Trumpets Mix)

Fa-la-la never sounded so darn cool! This fantastically fun rendition of “Deck the Halls” from spinningmerkaba features James Edwards Acoustic (Jamendo_Remixed) and The Family Von Brock Singers. It’s a festive treat that’s sure to make your head bop to the beat!
Mind Map That!

The other Day I found a dead line drawn in the sand faded and hardly there anymore

Musical mayhem by annabloom with possibly the longest title on ccmixter.

This man is know for his weird chaotic creations that allways sound so musical and pleasing to the ear. This track is no exception. The mix between the vocals, orchestra and digiridoo is extremly well crafted.
Abstract Audio

I Feel Different (Remixed Feelings)

by: Speck
Speck creates a sonic circus that celebrates those of us have ever felt different. Amongst the wild spectrum of emotion-filled sound (featuring CSoul’s “Mixed Feelings” remix), Speck’s captivating vocals remind us that “what we feel is true.” Press play and see if you, too, feel different.
Mind Map That!

Just Breath

There are already so many good mixes of Mikey D’s pella but David Nilsson has revitalized it by bringing all the oxygen he could carry from the deep forests of Sweden and used it to carbonate this sparkling and refreshing punch of hip-hop-goes-party-pop that’s impossible to stand still to.


This song is timeless. The lyrics beautiful. The simple and direct production only makes DReam glow even more. Sincere performances from two talented artists. It’s a classic. Thanks for the mix Snowflake!
Play DReam

Old Chucks

by: J.Lang
J.Lang’s hip-hop-hit secret mixter of Colab features Forensic, Sol, Hennessey, Speak EZ, Jimmy Hats on the mic. Brilliant lyrics and production.

This groove makes you move! A must listen.