Editors' Picks


A very relaxing piece of music crafted around Javolenus’s guitare loop. Some drums, chirping birds and a subtle hint of water wash all your worries away.

If You Wait (Anahitas Promise)

Javolenus’ guitar inspired a heartbreakingly beautiful ballad from Loveshadow who sings with especially expressive tenderness in a masterfully produced song.


Sometimes a song just makes you think “WOW.” Timberman’s remix of Panu’s intelligent, love-filled lyrics has this effect. It pulls you in with sparse percussion, a deep bass line, ambient orchestration, Unreal_DM’s emotional guitar solo, and Timberman’s rich, moving vocals. Turn up your speakers, shut your eyes, breathe deeply, and let his song enrich your soul…
Mind Map That!

Dangerous Change

This is the future of modern rhythm & blues. We miss Marvin and Al but The.Spirit.of.Light has crafted a track here that’ll assure you it’s gonna be okay. Mykleanthony handles the vocals with all the feeling of a super star. Enjoy!

Baptism (Words Mix)

by: vo1k1
Turning the melody and chords of snowflake’s Inside Outside into an intense backing track, vo1k1 transforms snowflake’s words from many songs into a story telling masterpiece at times tender and brutal. It begins and ends with a whisper, but this will do a lot more than whisper at you.
Admiral Bob

A Lonely Man Remembers Love_ The Dance With Me Remix

by: J.Lang
J.Lang together with Jeris and SackJo22 gives us this irresistable, beautiful and groovy track!

Luv Em or Leave Em

Luv Em Or Leave Em is dripping with all kinds of flavor. Some of this and some of that and it all flows seamlessly. Top notch production by Copperhead. How could you not Luv It.

Love Came To Mind

by: CSoul
What happens when you take a love song, strip it of most of its sentimentality, and garnish it with blistering lead guitar parts? You geta brilliant slow psychedelic rock song!
Admiral Bob

Im Waiting 123---

by: AT
Hint: Your urban dictionary won’t do ya no good when AT wraps J.Lang protoges SOC all over 700P3D’s lu:pd krunk samples. Dance if ya know how. High-larious!

Waiting For Deconstruction

With cinematic intensity, onlymeith secretly mixes reusenoise’s samples into this invigorating, atmospheric soundscape. Suzi Q. Smith’s spoken word propels this piece to the next level.
Mind Map That!

Where Did The Love Go (dubmetal mix)

Platinum Butterfly’s curiosity to see what “Dub Metal” might sound like takes you on a truly original power blasted trip where Alex’ crunchy guitar meets the tight hip hop vocals of DJ True (via DJLang), only to be confronted with the deepest, nastiest dubstep drop when you least expect it!

Don't buy any green bananas

A jazzy 5/4 backing track by rocavaco swells and punctuates robwalkerpoet’s brilliant send-up of the scariest horoscope ever… . the one that tells you the truth. Delivered almost deadpan with wit and a wink.

Lips That Would Comply

This is one of those tracks that make me declare my love for ccMixter as Clarence Simpson masterfully takes a myriad of Gurdonark source, transforming it completely into a chill triphop groove masterfully put together with panache, some KCentric flow, and some smooth vocalizing from Leza2unes.

Start Each Day With Love

by: Alex
Alex adds just the right amount of guitar, drums, and pizzicato arpeggios to MMT’s wonderful folk song. Recorded, produced, and performed with exquisite care. Simply beautiful.

I Won't Play

This is what happens when you put a blues guitar to a dub track…FIRE….straight FIRE!!!