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Editors' Picks

Look Away (ft Audiotechnica)

Sonically induced melancholistic reverie.

KILLER (cool guy)

by: CSoul
Dark. Mysterious. Chill. Csoul’s exotic groove with its ghostly refrain will simply sweep you away.

Never Did Nothin' To Write A Song About

by: Speck
Specks remix of The Bout of Bass and Ukulele by Kara is raw, innovative and extremely fun. Even though the description says it’s fiction, we all know there is some truth to everything we write. So it makes it even more fun deciphering fact from fiction This deserves a couple of listens!


This rich, down-tempo production of Trifonic’s beloved Sooner or Later is filled with sonic delights and special touches. The Concept of Energy lays down a sweet groove worthy of play in any martini lounge. The xylophone outro is particularly cool. Check it out!

Just Beginning

If happiness were a pop song, it would be this remix. Scomber’s remix of snowflake’s breathtakingly beautiful, love-drenched wedding vow ballad takes it to the beach with… a ukulele, hand claps, and super-tight production all around. Congrats to Emily and John!
Kara Square

She Wears My Shadow

Invoking Patti Smith and the Velvet Underground, SackJo22 bares her soul with this powerful, passionate rock & roll. Haskel (HEJ31) wails with emotion on the guitar and Audiotechnica pushes the track with a massive bass line. Yes.
Kara Square

We Give, We Get

Only 200 shopping days until Christmas! Though it may be an unusual time of year to hear a song like this, it’s peppy vintage 80s feel will get your toes tapping, and you may find yourself singing along. Simply constructed from crisp guitars, Kara’s tight vocals, and poppy keyboard lines, this song is good for any time of year!
Admiral Bob

Human Race (difficult years)

Boogie woogie for the human race. This Snowflake remix features an all star cast of mixters with unreal_dm, BillRayDrums, Patronski, and Rey Izain. So, listen up..stay alive, thrive, treat your mother right…and remember, all things are co-emergent and interdependent!

I Want To Love You

This remix of SackJo22’s “I want to Love you” is utterly beautiful with understated elegance.

Black Shadow

An intense Gothic trip, Hans Atom’s remix of Robert Warrington’s calmly eerie spoken word is goosebump-inducing! Hans’ dark and suspenseful backing track is the perfect setting for Robert’s cool, deep voice. And be sure to listen for the cameo by the crows…
Kara Square

Hold On Now

by: Alex
Contemplative and cool, Alex’s remix of snowflake’s exquisitely beautiful Music & Identity Event contribution is a must listen. For reals folks, please push play. These two are incredibly talented and this track is a glorious example of how emotionally compelling electronica can be. Hearts made this. Not robots.
Kara Square

Don't you run (Written by Calling Sister Midnight ft. Admiral Bob and NiGiD)

by: Jeris
In the ultimate creative, collaborative, and sharing spirit that is the essential identity of ccMixter, Jeris brings us the heart of a Calling Sister Midnight song through his intimately soulful interpretation. Adding Admiral Bob’s passionate guitar, this song is blue and deep and beautiful.

To Be Sensitive - Kara Square (Piero Peluche remix)

A brilliant genre-busting arrangement by Piero Peluce of Kara Square’s impassioned performance simmers with intensity, power and sensitivity.

I'm Feelin' You

Clean. Tight. And on fire with pure rock n roll energy. Copperhead ROCKS OUT featuring Greg Blackman (via DJ Vadim) on vocals, and the virtuoso guitar of Robert Siekawith in a pristine production.

Eve (Say Yes)

…not sure if I’m allowed to ed-pick a vocal by itself, but since it is a complete performance…, here it goes! Just wanting to honor a great artist, friend, woman…, human being. This piece is a true testament of her artist. Emily Richards - Bravo!