Editors' Picks


Popping with genre bending, deep-thumping DnB and an Indian-style flair, Muleboy’s remix, “Waiting,” is… well, awesome. projectQUESTION’s (Lonnie Ray Atkinson) bluegrass-like, speedy delivery of his affecting, intense lyrics are the focus of Muleboy’s imaginative remix. Check it out, friends!
Mind Map That!


The mystery of life and time is dramatically emphasized in Donnie Drost’s experimental remix of “Angels.” The rich, contemplative vocals of Timberman, the luscious backup vocals of SackJo22, and the insightful lyrical foundation by Panu make this a solid, talent-filled collaboration. Donnie Drost leaves plenty of room for contemplation during the verses and brings a heavy, grungy contrast for the chorus. The extreme dynamics create an intriguing piece from start to finish. Enough words, push play already!
Mind Map That!


by: Speck
Soundmeister Speck reassembles acoustic guitar & percussion samples by Javolenus into a folk jazz inner peace offering. With overtones of Michael Hedges and Acoustic Alchemy this track celebrates the guitar as one-man-orchestra in a whole new way. Enjoy!

Flesh and Bones - Goldrunner remix

Although a newcomer to ccM, GOLDRUNNER made his remixer bones on a planet far, far away and many moons ago. This electro-glitch remix of Ghost Kollective’s ‘Flesh and Bones’ is best enjoyed with your Sennies duct-taped firmly in place. Enjoy!

Judgement Day

unreal_dm puts his signature sound on ‘Judgement Day’, taken from folk-pop singer songwriter Marc Reeves’ latest album, ‘Remember Me’. This one is unforgettable!


mmmmmmmmmm. so tasty.
MC Jack in the Box

Where you are

A groovy and funky dancefloorfiller by radiotimes with vocals by panu.

Angels Flying (ft Ghost Kollective)

Sackjo22 remixes Ghost K’s 61 Moons, adding seductive, provocative spoken word and siren-like vocals that open the heart and soul.

Angels Flying is a must listen for all galactic-bound listeners!

Soul to Grow

Sometimes a soul can grow from just listening to the right song! This is a timeless, classic mix by Admiral Bob featuring Snowflake’s original “Soul wants to grow”

Where Did the Silence

by: Nethis
Listen to this Beautiful Celtic shanty and then go get a spinning wheel or thatch a roof or something.


Without question one of the most perfectly written, performed and produced romantic ballads in recent memory. VickyDan & Loveshadow combine for this memorable effort of the heart.


Zep Hurme crafts a modern soft-rock masterpiece around snowflake’s masterful writing and performance of “Detachment’. You’ll be drawn in, and… involved!

Ulkoavaruus Unfolding

by: Speck
Creatively weaving various vocals from Fireproof Babies with Ghost Kollective’s “Ulkoavaruus,” Speck creates an emotive, contemplative remix for the 61 Moons Project. Put on your headphones and shut your eyes to set the mood for this moving piece.
Mind Map That!

Una canción

by: colab
Short but very sweet at just 96 seconds long Colab’s contemplative and thoughtful piece beautifully merges the guitar work by Javolenus and vocal from SilviaO.

Broken (cdk Dark DubStep Mix)

by: cdk
Dubby sweeps paired with some piano bars, some clicking and ticking, everything bounded by Trifonics Broken, one of ccmixter’s most remixed acapella. cdk takes it deep into the darker side of music.