Dig The Soundtrack 2017 Remix Event

Editors' Picks

Empty Room

by: Speck
Unanimously unsettling, “Empty Room” creates a sense of sonic wonder and suspense. Speck puts Fireproof Babies and Kung Fu’s vocals as the focus of the piece and masterfully brings a slew of other mixters into the mix. I double dog dare ya’ to push play. Or are you afraid?
Kara Square

You I'll Miss

by: AT
This is one of those remixes that doesn’t sound like a remix. Sounds just like Audiotechnica, the band and Ciggi were playing this smokey jazz torch song together in the same room. Martini anyone?

Fell Out Of The Sky (Dublin Mix)

by: Nethis
Nethis opens this remix of State Shirt’s “Fell out of the sky” with a classic U2 sound and it loses none of it’s integrity as it evolves into a nice electrochill groove.

Anji Bee - Crossing the Pond (Progression Labs Remix)

This intoxicating DnB remix of Anji Bee by Progression Labs has all the right dynamics, perfectly placed pauses, and smooth orchestral additions. Chill and refreshing, it keeps inspiring me to hit the play button repeatedly.
Kara Square


by: @nop
@Nop takes you deeper into the culture of ccMixter by mixing up eight different artists into a quasi-tribal-electronic-groove mix that is engaging, delightful and invites you to get down!

So Weird

Jacob Nowak’s remix of “So Weird” by State Shirt is an emotional perfect storm worth weathering.

Lay Me Down

A passionate performance by Admiral Bob is enhanced by Zep Hurme whose pop rock treatment emphasizes the emotional drive of this song. Bravo!

Only Reason

by: Jeris
Jeris + ccmixter newcomer Heather Brave. Soft. Rich. Textured. Acoustic pop deliciousness led by a melodic upright bass line and Heather’s expressive vocal. Mmmmm.

I want to Love You

by: Jeris
Ear Romancing
Hektor Thillet

I Want to Love You (ft Javolenus)

All at once simmering and passionate, driving and languid, this song of unrequited longing is one of ccMixter’s best examples of its recent romantic tendencies.
Admiral Bob


by: Alex
Alex puts ccmixter newcomers Iamnotlefthanded into a radio-ready alt-rock track that is pure seamless energy. Bravo!
Play Brace

All For Free

This auto-tune pop-rock hit is an anthem for ccMixter and the power of CC music around the world. Zep Hurme’s top-shelf production gives Donnie Ozone’s prolific pell wings!

Paper Hearts

Zep Hurme puts KungFu in a rich art-rock setting characterized by a smashing snare and a solid rhythm track that engages and moves. While some 1980’s sonic-references may be inferred, this is a truly contemporary production. Bravo!

Smile If You Like Free Beer,Dice and Freedom

Sometime a remix is a remix, and other times a remix is just a great, fantastic song. That is what has happened here, with a melodic and bouncy alt rock or Ska number (you take your pick.)

Collaborating with the Team Smile and Nod group, copperhead has given us a confection that will rot your teeth and give you diabetes… and just generally tickle your ears.
Admiral Bob

Peeterson & Trifonic - Sooner Or Later (Peeterson Post Rock Vision)

Peeterson colors a relentless post-punk bass drive with the passionate vocal of Amelia June (via Trifonic) and a solid groove until the voice breaks down into delicate glitch only to reemerge amid a broad wash of sound, pulse and feeling.