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by: Alex
Alex puts ccmixter newcomers Iamnotlefthanded into a radio-ready alt-rock track that is pure seamless energy. Bravo!
Play Brace

All For Free

This auto-tune pop-rock hit is an anthem for ccMixter and the power of CC music around the world. Zep Hurme’s top-shelf production gives Donnie Ozone’s prolific pell wings!

Paper Hearts

Zep Hurme puts KungFu in a rich art-rock setting characterized by a smashing snare and a solid rhythm track that engages and moves. While some 1980’s sonic-references may be inferred, this is a truly contemporary production. Bravo!

Smile If You Like Free Beer,Dice and Freedom

Sometime a remix is a remix, and other times a remix is just a great, fantastic song. That is what has happened here, with a melodic and bouncy alt rock or Ska number (you take your pick.)

Collaborating with the Team Smile and Nod group, copperhead has given us a confection that will rot your teeth and give you diabetes… and just generally tickle your ears.
Admiral Bob

Peeterson & Trifonic - Sooner Or Later (Peeterson Post Rock Vision)

Peeterson colors a relentless post-punk bass drive with the passionate vocal of Amelia June (via Trifonic) and a solid groove until the voice breaks down into delicate glitch only to reemerge amid a broad wash of sound, pulse and feeling.

Fat Cats

Fat Cats is a rock anthem of 2012. Watzmann’s production features spinningmerkaba’s provoking vocals with driving guitar and emphatic horns. This track stirs the soul with its message. A must listen!

Southern Comfort

Featuring Admiral Bob on vocals Scomber produces a beautiful piece of Southern Comfort. A great retro sound to soothe the ears.

Zombie Love: I Heart Your Brain

Rocky Horror meets the Cramps in this theatrical remix that drools love… they’re zombies and they have a desire for sweet spongy flesh. Yum!

Red Light

by: Nethis
The 80s called…They said they’re missing a smash hit!

all for freaks ( All For Free Remix )

If you like the raw oldschool prodigy sound you’ll dig this!!! Heavy beats and catchy synths will make this an dancefloor hit.

And remember: If you want this track you can have it for free
You can download the sound as an mp3
Abstract Audio

CCMixter (We are not evil)

A bomastic combination of drum, bass and a handful of carefully selected heavily distorted vocals. Abstract Audio takes classic DnB elements adds some industrials noise and flavors the whole recipe with a delicate message: We are not evil.

I'm Falling

The producer of this gem said it best…

“Detroit R&B and southern California soul…Three smoove ccMixter guitar players and one very smoove sanger”

Free Music!

Catch this rockin’ blues protest song with biting lyrics from Stevie B that uses Unreal DM’s fantastic backing track. Stevie’s lyrics express solidarity with Musikpirate as he fights GEMA’s ridiculous anti-CC monetary demands. A wonderful addition to the Free Music & Free Beer Remix Project, give it a listen and band together against the greed!
Kara Square

Free Music and Free Beer?

Grab a cold one, lace up those shoes, and get ready to boogie down to some wailing blues! Unreal DM’s remix of Admiral Bob’s bluesy theme song for the “Free Music & Free Beer Remix Project” jumps out of the speakers with unhinged excitement! SackJo22’s backup vocals harmonize with Admiral Bob’s strong, husky voice with precision. Unreal DM’s killer drums make this POP! And those guitar solos… WHOA! Admiral and Unreal just shred it! And guess what? This incredible collaboration is licensed with the ultimate sharing power, folks. It’s all CC-BY!
Kara Square

Heart on the Floor

Loveshadow masterfully extracts the emotional essence of Snowflake’s Falling vocal, enhancing it in a production that is both restrained and utterly passionate.