Ghost Notes Remix Event

Editors' Picks


Loveshadow’s first class production of Anticool may just be the one. Thick. Clean. Deep. Modern pop with an edge.

Morpheus weaves hate to love

Wired Ant weaves some guitar from Javolenus and a variety of sound and gentle whispers from dydej_inja in a dreamy wash of peaceful ambiance. Absolutely lovely.

I have been gifted

Radiotimes tenderly expresses the sharing spirit of ccMixter with a masterful mix of vocalists and lyrics in a gentle homage reminding us of what we have been given, and what we as a community continue to give.

8 Years (ccMixterism)

Thanks goes out to Duckett for an Old School ccMixter Groove with a New school feel. A great track with sweet sounds from many cc Mixers. Digging in the crates, so to speak, can be very inspiring.
Can You Dig it? Looking for my shovel right now.

iN a bOx

Destinazione_altrove wraps Snowflake in a sure fire dance club hit. An uplifting dance track with Euro stylings and a perfect sense of pop sensibility.
Take this one out of its box! Enjoy!


You can feel the expansive sun above and the grounded earth below as you can’t help but get up to dance in a most celebratory manner to this deeply rich and stylistically congruent remix by Zep Hurme of Vieux Farka Toure replete with rhythm, horns and inimitable energy.
Play Ana

Dust from the Stars - Team Smile and Nod (Piero Peluche remix)

This groovy sound just needs to be listened to, shared… and seen! Live long and prosper dudes ^ ^


Blending Afro-Cuban rhythm, free jazz, and the voice of Vieux Farka Toure’, gasnoprod delivers an updated take on ‘Ana’ that puts it firmly among tracks that deserve special recognition. Enjoy!

Hot Core

by: 7OOP3D
When dubstep and downbeat are blended, Snowflake fells “chopped, shifted and possessed”. It happens rarely even at ccmixter, that a pella is treated is such a hard way, but the result sounds great. This song makes your Rachendrachen gargle with the stuff right from the hot core.


Who could use a positive boost of hope? Unreal_dm’s professional remix of Snowflake’s “Shine” is the perfect place to get it. Snowflake sounds like a motivational angel on our shoulders with her silky voice and encouraging lyrics. Unreal_dm treats her pella with the ultimate soothing soft pop rock backing. Beautiful through and through.
Kara Square
Play Shine

The Happiness of Larry

I just love this! B)
Hektor Thillet

i should've kissed you

A weird and wild electro escapade of woulda, coulda, shoulda’s produced by ManoloCamp with brilliant lyrics and vocals by Color Theory… Entertaining and extremely catchy.
Kara Square

Put Your Hands Up (Dubstep Version)

Reggae meets dub’n’bass. Very powerful track by chandubaba that demands to be played at maximum volume in a crowded club.

red chester jingle blues (fell out dublin mix)

by: gmz
GMZ’s Agent Blues secret mixter of Nethis is a must listen! Stirring, contemplative and also uplifting and motivating, this electronic drum and bass production will capture your Soul. Delicious for the ears!

Last Minute Blues

The deeply grooving electronica of Reusenoise’s secret mixter offering of Goldfish got me swaying in my seat. Very cool indeed.