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Editors' Picks

Kind of Girl (Chocolate Box Mix)

Swoon-worthy, romantic, jazzy coolness as Spinningmerkaba croons along with Magmavandar and Leza2unes in a song as smooth and rich as the world’s finest valentine truffle.

Goodbye Shadow

Zep Hurme’s masterful production seamlessly interweaves it’s self around snowflake’s piano and vocal in this fine example of an orchestral arrangement.

Stay (Reggae Remix)

Just in time for the magic man’s B-Day! Mykle Anthony and Admiral Bob jammin on it Wailers style

Making Me Whole

A warm and gentle waltz, perfect for a wedding’s dance or a party with dimmed lights. The drum breaks give you enough time for a kiss in between but do not interrupt the flow of the song.

Marsh Mellow :-)

Loveshadow pulls it out at the last minute with the penultimate Valentines Day tome. Quadruple-duped bass and a rap we all wish we’d written equals oooey-goooey gold.


by: Vidian
A superbly produced electro excursion by Vidian featuring A.M. mews by MommaLuv SKyTower.
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Hands Off The Internet

by: Alex
This energetic, funky, hip-hop dance remix by Alex features poignant lyrics from ProjectQUESTION about net neutrality. For those who aren’t familiar with ‘net neutrality’ and its’ importance, this is a great run-down. For those who do know about net neutrality, this remix is a fantastic way to share this important information. Plus, it’s already stuck in my head!
Mind Map That!

Nube (scmixer frozen wind mix)

s.c.mixer transforms oldDog’s harp accompaniment for SilviaO’s beautiful love song Nube onto a new level of smoothness. Some mellow beats and decent distortion result in a true modern love song that invites the audience to dream of a flight with the clouds.

Lonely Man

by: Jeris
Jeris wraps his funky chunky rhodes dirge march around the Haskels and the pairing could make a lonely man feel gregarious.
MC Jack in the Box


Zep Hurme meticiulously arranges and produces the excellent songwriting and vocal performance of Josh Woodward in a track with intelligent pop sensibilities, sensitive dynamics and fabulous sound. Bravo!

Gonna Love You More

A light pop ballad with rich, captivating harmonies, Ivan Chew’s “Gonna Love You More” is a moving spin on the emotion-filled lyrics and music from Admiral Bob’s “Heaven.” Ivan’s voice and the loving mood of this piece bring to mind the band Kings of Convenience. Push play, shut your eyes, and let yourself be swept away by this magical love song.
Mind Map That!

Lonely Man

The Ghost Kollective features a provocative performance by Sackjo22 in Lonely Man — the first release from the GK’s new album scAtT3rbRa1Nz.

With hypnotizing rhythm, crunchy guitars, ethereal soundscape, and sensual melody, Lonely Man sings to the Soul and moves the body. A must listen.

I Knew It Would Fall (mix)

by: @nop
La crème de la crème.
Hektor Thillet

That's How We Do It

This banner remix by Geert Veneklaas features a classic pell by Pat Chilla and beautiful opera vocals by Heidi Yost.

Get your groove on and open your mind. This is how we do it at ccMixter!

A Girl Like You

Swingin’ from top to bottom with honest style and heartfelt vox—TRF and Steve Bryant get you up and dancing like you were in a flash mob at a 50’s diner.