Interstellar Secret MIxter Sign-ups

Editors' Picks

80/90 Pieces

If this doesn’t get you dancing while simultaneously giving you an 80s flashback, I don’t know what will. That is to say, this is one catchy track that keeps me pushing play over and over…
Kara Square

Yesterdays News

That’s right…gettin over somebody SHOULD be a party. This song will make you celebrate your future ex right now : )

Since I Met You, Baby

Texasradiofish funks it up heavy — taking the soul of
Admiral Bob’s funk construction kit, mixing it up with a bunch of other mixters, and turning out some of the finest funkiest fun in a while! They kill it!

pieCES ( the wrong reason )

Loveshadow’s elegant lounge-house noveau track is the perfect soundtrack to any urban pre-dinner coctail with nibbles of your choice Turn it on again for post-dinner dancing.
Extra plusses for the tech-work on Devyn Rose’s pella, it’s nothing short of cutting edge laboratory science.

Dresscode informal.


Hans Atom creates a broodingly dark tribute to the inky vocals of Jacinda Espinosa.
A deft mix of light and shade, classical and metal - this track is a “triumph of the will”.
Close your eyes and hit repeat.


Scomber creates a beautiful balance of a traditional jazz flavor with the contemporary voice of newcomer DevynRose. Mmmm. Delicious.

When I Dream Of You

This song could easily seduce the most sedate to sway.

Maximum cool chill deliciousness brought to you by DjoeGio with the KCentric at his most romantic.


DreamSynth lives up to his name by delivering a gorgeous dreamlike soundscape. From the groove of the drums to the mellow riffing of the guitar, this track has fantastic production values and is meticulously crafted with numerous subtle sonic details to delight the senses.
Clarence Simpson

Pie In The Sky

Once again Unreal_DM reminds us all a bit about our musical roots. Here, joined with the impassioned vocals of Javolenus, Unreal’s masterful tone and chops make for a deep rock classic.

If I

A highly polished and infectious retro soul track with a killer bassline that will get stuck in your head all day. Just know that if you listen, your head will be bobbing. Don’t try to resist!
Clarence Simpson
Play If I

Dj Vadim - I'm Feeling U (NoiCom Remix)

by: NoiCom
I’m feelin this! CC Mixter newcomer NoiCom smashes it with this gritty down-tempo electro soul remix featuring DJ Vadim.

I Spy (with my little eye)

Funky, hooky, swanky and smart, this hot track from Scomber is better than any track you’ll hear on the radio. With clever lyrics and a monstrous chorus, Scomber’s secret remix of djolliej is HUGE!

The Haunted Hotel

So much great music came from february’s secret mixter, but this one song just resonates with me. Sackjo22 mixes it up a bit going to a deeper, sexier, and slightly scarier place in her remix of Coruscate.

Absolutely Clear (Third Coast Mix)

by: vo1k1
vo1k1 magically combines go1dfish’s vampy guitars with ethereal groove for a tasty track you can really sink into. The hook comes around right when you feel it should — and won’t let go! A must listen.


Airtone’s remix of CSoul for February’s Fortune Secret Mixter has a classic “Fly like an Eagle” soulrock sound …featuring Songboy3’s vocals.