Editors' Picks

CCMixter (We are not evil)

A bomastic combination of drum, bass and a handful of carefully selected heavily distorted vocals. Abstract Audio takes classic DnB elements adds some industrials noise and flavors the whole recipe with a delicate message: We are not evil.

I'm Falling

The producer of this gem said it best…

“Detroit R&B and southern California soul…Three smoove ccMixter guitar players and one very smoove sanger”

Free Music!

Catch this rockin’ blues protest song with biting lyrics from Stevie B that uses Unreal DM’s fantastic backing track. Stevie’s lyrics express solidarity with Musikpirate as he fights GEMA’s ridiculous anti-CC monetary demands. A wonderful addition to the Free Music & Free Beer Remix Project, give it a listen and band together against the greed!
Kara Square

Free Music and Free Beer?

Grab a cold one, lace up those shoes, and get ready to boogie down to some wailing blues! Unreal DM’s remix of Admiral Bob’s bluesy theme song for the “Free Music & Free Beer Remix Project” jumps out of the speakers with unhinged excitement! SackJo22’s backup vocals harmonize with Admiral Bob’s strong, husky voice with precision. Unreal DM’s killer drums make this POP! And those guitar solos… WHOA! Admiral and Unreal just shred it! And guess what? This incredible collaboration is licensed with the ultimate sharing power, folks. It’s all CC-BY!
Kara Square

Heart on the Floor

Loveshadow masterfully extracts the emotional essence of Snowflake’s Falling vocal, enhancing it in a production that is both restrained and utterly passionate.

Scent of You

This one is loaded with all kinds of talent from CC Mixter; tasty guitar licks from Haskel, a nice swinging kit, dirty Hammond swells, smooth bass and ivory provide a perfect track produced and engineered by Copperhead. Featuring Scomber’s daughter, Scomberina, on lead vocals and Sackjo 22 on background vocals. Everything flows beautifully on one of CC Mixter’s finest and most memorable collaborations.


This is the song to listen to while you’re getting ready to go out for the evening — pulsing, driving, melodic and totally cool! Zep Hurme takes Snowflake’s heartful vocal and sets it in a well packaged power pop-rock track with just the right amount of edge. Pretty much impossible to listen to without singing and dancing along!
Play Seed


by: Nethis
Nethis’ tribute to Tada Kasuke is a beautiful example of the ability of music to express a time, a spirit and an intention. This powerful cinematic mix uses drums, strings and modes of the Orient to remind us that the voice against oppression can shake foundations.
Play Gimin

Falling The Blue

Admiral Bob plays the blues, weaving his magic Telecaster in a jazz infused treat around Snowflakes emotive vocal. Music for the soul.


A must listen for any Fiona Apple fans…”slow like honey, heavy with mood”.


rocavaco has crafted a wistfully beautiful vocal duet that never actually happened. Adisa McKenzie and snowflake trade verses while backed by a delicate jazz trio featuring colab on piano.
Clarence Simpson

Like A Child

by: Nethis
Ok I’m going to “Take a little time” with this remix… k - I’m listening… mmm loving the Jamaican breezes… loving the sweet melodies… Oh! And I’m floating! I’m floating! Watch me! I’m headed for Shangri-La! LOL Mmmm love this track! ;-)
Hektor Thillet

Cold Caller (Vo1k1 Poem Mix)

by: vo1k1
This track would be perfect for late night listening, in the dark, alone, perhaps drunk or maybe not. Vo1k1’s richly textured remix of Robwalkerpoet succeeds in creating an atmosphere of beauty and tension that reflects and heightens the drama of the poet’s words and delivery.

Moments in Daytona

by: AT
An effortlessly Beautiful Electronic ballad.
Hektor Thillet

Drops of H2O ( The Filtered Water Treatment )

by: J.Lang
J. Lang has taken one of airtone’s instrumental tracks and crafted a compulsively listenable chill groove. Drops of H2O will have your head bobbing as you are laid back enjoying a cool drink on a beautiful day.
Clarence Simpson