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Editors' Picks


Who could use a positive boost of hope? Unreal_dm’s professional remix of Snowflake’s “Shine” is the perfect place to get it. Snowflake sounds like a motivational angel on our shoulders with her silky voice and encouraging lyrics. Unreal_dm treats her pella with the ultimate soothing soft pop rock backing. Beautiful through and through.
Kara Square
Play Shine

The Happiness of Larry

I just love this! B)
Hektor Thillet

i should've kissed you

A weird and wild electro escapade of woulda, coulda, shoulda’s produced by ManoloCamp with brilliant lyrics and vocals by Color Theory… Entertaining and extremely catchy.
Kara Square

Put Your Hands Up (Dubstep Version)

Reggae meets dub’n’bass. Very powerful track by chandubaba that demands to be played at maximum volume in a crowded club.

red chester jingle blues (fell out dublin mix)

by: gmz
GMZ’s Agent Blues secret mixter of Nethis is a must listen! Stirring, contemplative and also uplifting and motivating, this electronic drum and bass production will capture your Soul. Delicious for the ears!

Last Minute Blues

The deeply grooving electronica of Reusenoise’s secret mixter offering of Goldfish got me swaying in my seat. Very cool indeed.

Closer Now (Get Funky Mix)

Sexy-sexy! Reminiscent of everything that is fun, playful and addictive about Britney Spears’ most memorable sexy-kitten driven sounds. And I love.. all of that!!! B-)
Hektor Thillet

He Forges Mighty Armour

Some Roxy Music maybe…? No, this is way better!!!
Just push play and enjoy it!


Chilled out, trip hop, Neo-Classical electronica…with some soul. Why not?
I can dig it!

Schizophrenia (OSTrich Remix)

OSTrich’s dynamic remix of Snowflake’s vocal is simply inspired!

35 Years

This upbeat ode to Elvis rocks with a country flair… Copperhead and Admiral Bob make one impressive collaborative pair. Admiral’s vocals, lyrics, guitar, and bass are iced up with Copperhead’s drums, violin, and overall stellar production. What a wonderful reminder that “The King is still the King!”
Kara Square

Nadeya ( Club Mix )

Even if you don’t feel like dancing, the moment this track starts you will find yourself compelled to get up and move. Destinazione Altrove drops Nadeya into a clean pulsing groove that gets the party started and keeps it going!

I Only Think of You

Texasradiofish produces a classic soul - rhythm & blues track.
Featuring Camburn on vocals this has a great relaxed feel - one of those magical moments.

Empty Room

by: Speck
Unanimously unsettling, “Empty Room” creates a sense of sonic wonder and suspense. Speck puts Fireproof Babies and Kung Fu’s vocals as the focus of the piece and masterfully brings a slew of other mixters into the mix. I double dog dare ya’ to push play. Or are you afraid?
Kara Square

You I'll Miss

by: AT
This is one of those remixes that doesn’t sound like a remix. Sounds just like Audiotechnica, the band and Ciggi were playing this smokey jazz torch song together in the same room. Martini anyone?