Editors' Picks

Hold On Now

by: Alex
Contemplative and cool, Alex’s remix of snowflake’s exquisitely beautiful Music & Identity Event contribution is a must listen. For reals folks, please push play. These two are incredibly talented and this track is a glorious example of how emotionally compelling electronica can be. Hearts made this. Not robots.
Kara Square

Don't you run (Written by Calling Sister Midnight ft. Admiral Bob and NiGiD)

by: Jeris
In the ultimate creative, collaborative, and sharing spirit that is the essential identity of ccMixter, Jeris brings us the heart of a Calling Sister Midnight song through his intimately soulful interpretation. Adding Admiral Bob’s passionate guitar, this song is blue and deep and beautiful.

To Be Sensitive - Kara Square (Piero Peluche remix)

A brilliant genre-busting arrangement by Piero Peluce of Kara Square’s impassioned performance simmers with intensity, power and sensitivity.

I'm Feelin' You

Clean. Tight. And on fire with pure rock n roll energy. Copperhead ROCKS OUT featuring Greg Blackman (via DJ Vadim) on vocals, and the virtuoso guitar of Robert Siekawith in a pristine production.

Eve (Say Yes)

…not sure if I’m allowed to ed-pick a vocal by itself, but since it is a complete performance…, here it goes! Just wanting to honor a great artist, friend, woman…, human being. This piece is a true testament of her artist. Emily Richards - Bravo!

On Sale

Hans Atom debuts his one man band, with an infectious rhythm supporting ProjectQuestions’s strong vocal this maybe the start of a new career.

The Pressure (Frank Unplugged)

A Modern flower power take on Songboys great vocals creates an unusual blend of Gospelly flavoured prog rock. Different for sure.

The Circus of Love

Gleefully weird and wonderfully creative, Shelflife’s “The Circus of Love” is delightfully deranged in the very best way imaginable. With vocals from Clara, Coffeeeurope, and Alvin the balloon man, this remix is a piece that could easily be performed in a comical musical. TheDice provided the instrumental foundation and Shelflife added lots of whimsical musical touches. Excellent production and just so much fun… give this one a listen if you’re ready for a twisted smile to show up on your face.
Kara Square

a forest

Did U2 just stop by ccMixter? Nahhhh…. it’s urmymuse’s celebratory guitars leading this inspiring remix of timberman’s rich, expressive vocals. Dare I say better than the aforementioned band? Oh, I dare…
Kara Square

Don't Make A Fool

by: Jeris
You will never be made a fool of by listening to Jeris’ remix of IDzeroNo. A hip hoppy soulful backing track, with a killer production and added vocals make this a must listen.

80/90 Pieces

If this doesn’t get you dancing while simultaneously giving you an 80s flashback, I don’t know what will. That is to say, this is one catchy track that keeps me pushing play over and over…
Kara Square

Yesterdays News

That’s right…gettin over somebody SHOULD be a party. This song will make you celebrate your future ex right now : )

Since I Met You, Baby

Texasradiofish funks it up heavy — taking the soul of
Admiral Bob’s funk construction kit, mixing it up with a bunch of other mixters, and turning out some of the finest funkiest fun in a while! They kill it!

pieCES ( the wrong reason )

Loveshadow’s elegant lounge-house noveau track is the perfect soundtrack to any urban pre-dinner coctail with nibbles of your choice Turn it on again for post-dinner dancing.
Extra plusses for the tech-work on Devyn Rose’s pella, it’s nothing short of cutting edge laboratory science.

Dresscode informal.


Hans Atom creates a broodingly dark tribute to the inky vocals of Jacinda Espinosa.
A deft mix of light and shade, classical and metal - this track is a “triumph of the will”.
Close your eyes and hit repeat.