Editors' Picks

The Narrator

Over a suspenseful soundtrack from Zapac, Mind Map That! brings dramatic flair and much creative sensibility to a story about a narrator, the one Deus Ex Machina who can reliably breach the fourth wall!

Listen for the fantasy, the allegory, and the myth. Most of all, listen to this because it is good!
Admiral Bob

Give it up

Lets all “Give it up” for Carosone.
A masterful and deep thinking contributor to ccMixter - with this piece he has exquisitely merged the enchanting flavours of Asia with a hauntingly beautiful pella from Snowflake and has produced a memorable and rich pop tapestry of emotion and percussion.

Pushin' Daisies

by: Jeris
This song has been here for more than a year, and I just heard it yesterday.

Not only is this an amazing, mellow and contemplative song. It’s also my first Ed pick. I wanted something that wasn’t just easy to listen to, but something that spoke to me, and has now become, as I label it; a song in the soundtrack of my life.

I Caught You

Teasradiofish gives us proof positive that CCMixter has soul! Featuring the astonishingly great Frank Carter III, some fine syncopating bass, and tasty riffing in both blues and Wes Montgomery styling from Elron XChile, if you’re into… well if you’re into music you can’t miss this!
Admiral Bob

An Untitled Love Song

Delightful, solid pop presented by Unreal_DM. Classic retro-esque pop instrumentation plus a reverby treatment of Mind Map That’s vocals suggest this track would be equally comfortable on a diner juke box or as part of a movie soundtrack.

The Key

Admiral Bob does it again. That Blues Groove with a touch of Jazz and the sweet sound Of Snowflake on vocals. Top notch mix and production.

Cry Wolf

You know those timeless psychedelic tunes: Magic Bus, In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, White Rabbit, The Woodstock version of the Star Spangled Banner. Thanks to Fireproof_Babies and Mind Map That! The Copyleft community has now contributed to that pantheon of weird and wonderful anthems.
Admiral Bob

We the People

Straight to my reggae soul.My 2nd Dub Ed Pick, Jeris & Mykle blow it up.

Spoiler: This is not a remix it’s the real thing.


Respect to the I.
Marley Would be Proud.
Dub Out Blouse and Skirt


Classical music and metal have always had an unlikely affinity, and nobody demonstrates that better than Benjamin Orth remixing Jacinda Espinosa. Combining church organs, guitars, string, and dynamics that move like a Yo-Yo, Benjamin and Jacinda rock us out with grace, pinache, and not a little headbanging.
Admiral Bob


by: Jeris
Jeris delivers a simple yet smooth neo-soul groove that serves as an evocative backdrop to Suzi Q. Smith’s powerful tale of one woman’s emotional struggle with her man’s lifestyle.
Clarence Simpson

Start Again

by: Alex
If I was in a 3rd down and 10 situation, Alex would be who I’d send in. Consistently good and this track is class, it’s top drawer, it’s quality and it’s Alex!!!! Great job!!

Peace! ;)~

Walden Pond Blues

Admiral Bob’s one-man blues band backs up an insightful Lessig — who’s been transported from convention hall to swanky, smoky bar.

Features some of the tastiest guitar work on ccMixter!

Give it Up (Start Again)

Stellar Vocals from Snowflake & A Top Notch backing track from Subliminal. This track could easily fit into any Rock/Top 40 rotation. Radio ready with a grove that makes you want to “Give It Up”

Lost our Faith (complete song)

This caught me at the right mood, to state the obvious. That said, wonderful writing and sentiment.
Hektor Thillet