May Day Secret Mixter

Editors' Picks

A Prayer

Soul to soul, the ultimate form of music making; when the cry of a soul takes the form of soul music. Using a pastiche of R&B sounds from unreal_dm assembled by Jeris, SackJo22 becomes who she is in funky rhodes/guitar hook-laden song.
Admiral Bob


by: Pitx
Pitx takes a potpourri of samples and creates an acoustic adagio. écouter!
MC Jack in the Box

Nothing To Me

by: Jeris
An ancient poem comes back to life as a very beautiful song. Sappho would be proud!


by: 7OOP3D
Another electropop sensation from 7OOP3D featuring PattsiPeng on vocals.

Broken Needs

While Admiral Bob’s original wasn’t broken and needed no fixing, Unreal DM takes a thoughtful, tasteful approach to adding his unique perspective on an already excellent track.
MC Jack in the Box

ΣΑΠΦΩ - Berkeley Mix

by: KungFu
KungFu remixes Javolenus in this beautiful and contemplative work. The acoustics and vocal harmonies are simply magical. Close your eyes and let the shakuhachi flute and frame drums carry you away!

The BEST Damn Heart

Loveshadow samples Snowflakes ” Stay for this moment” and gives us The Best Damn Heart. A Pop Rock Gem, that is 100% radio ready. Great production and an awesome mix.

Once I Went You

Straight 80s pop - heavy synths, distorted guitar riffs and a tight beat masterfully arranged around Mind Map That!’s vocals.

Let’s do the time warp again and start the dance!

With Love

Sexy Smooth & Jazzy, just the way i like it. Stephen Fewell gives Mind Map That a soulful groove ” With Love”

I am a Stone

by: Jeris
Jeris’ remix of Kaer Trouz is unbridled - raw - deep - beautiful. Sometimes music is just emotion.

Walk Away

Fusing together prog rock, blues, funk and good old fashioned orchestral balladry - Texasradiofish serves up a multi part rock opera that leaves the listener wanting much more than this short 3 minute and 32 second journey

Close to Mike | ft. Ciggiburns

Punk-rock-orchestral-ska-pop fusion? Yup. And it’s a joy. The DICE remixes Ciggi Burn’s sultry, inviting vocals with extreme creativity and precision. This remix is NOT “kinda samey.” Listen to this when you need a smile.
Mind Map That!


A very relaxing piece of music crafted around Javolenus’s guitare loop. Some drums, chirping birds and a subtle hint of water wash all your worries away.

If You Wait (Anahitas Promise)

Javolenus’ guitar inspired a heartbreakingly beautiful ballad from Loveshadow who sings with especially expressive tenderness in a masterfully produced song.


Sometimes a song just makes you think “WOW.” Timberman’s remix of Panu’s intelligent, love-filled lyrics has this effect. It pulls you in with sparse percussion, a deep bass line, ambient orchestration, Unreal_DM’s emotional guitar solo, and Timberman’s rich, moving vocals. Turn up your speakers, shut your eyes, breathe deeply, and let his song enrich your soul…
Mind Map That!