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Editors' Picks

Walden Pond Blues

Admiral Bob’s one-man blues band backs up an insightful Lessig — who’s been transported from convention hall to swanky, smoky bar.

Features some of the tastiest guitar work on ccMixter!

Give it Up (Start Again)

Stellar Vocals from Snowflake & A Top Notch backing track from Subliminal. This track could easily fit into any Rock/Top 40 rotation. Radio ready with a grove that makes you want to “Give It Up”

Lost our Faith (complete song)

This caught me at the right mood, to state the obvious. That said, wonderful writing and sentiment.
Hektor Thillet

We Are Free

Throughout history, rollicking drums have been used to communicate a change should be a’coming. This simple, yet completely groovy track by Zep Hurme reinterprets the battle cry, in which the relationship of Zep’s heavy drums with Snowflake’s impassioned lyrics and pointed delivery is a great example of a balance of power.

Wink Nod Smile Shake

by: Jeris
And todays song is brought to you by the letter “C”. Thats “C” for corruption.
Lets all give a wink nod smile and shake to Jeris for inviting all the cool kids to the party.
Featuring Mr Spinningmerkaba as the lead Wiggle, Mr Clarence on the Uke and Steven M. Bryant shredding the axe. Lets all clap our hands children and say no to those nasty power hungry grownups.

Remixing Is Ok!!!

Soul-groovin’ reggae featuring some of ccM’s best voices, mixed to perfection by Copperhead.

With Jeris on the track—Lessig, Colbert, Mind Map That!, mykleanthony, stevieb357, & Robert Siekawitc are on the mic. One love ya’ll!

I Miss You (Orchestral)

by: Zapac
There’s a performance of “Symphonic Snowflake” down at the concert hall and Zapac is providing a front row seat. This intricate arrangement of “I Miss You” comes with a full range of orchestral instruments serving as a dynamic backdrop for snowflake’s heartfelt piano and vocals.
Clarence Simpson

Worth It Then

Atmospheric, moody, and poignant—this setting of “worth it then” brings all the somber joys of pop sensibility, with none of the saccharine aftertaste.

Radio Moscow: Funk in A

Listen! Texasradiofish is in the house — with a funk so tight it won’t let go.

‘Radio Moscow: Funk in A’ features ElRon XChile, Lawrence Lessig, Prokur, Acclivity, Eee Zee Mister Que — this song is a gumbo of groove!

LOOK (BettaThanUMix)

Duckett’s remix of FORENSIC’s Look (which includes contributions from Loveshadow, Donkey Horse Mule, suonho, Robinhood76, and Jive Ass Sleepers) is unquestionably NSFW. And it is also unquestionably good, combining a ferocious rap with a sound that fuses Hip Hop with late sixties R&B, old school style.
Admiral Bob

008 - The Utterance Ep#8

by: Revlin
An effortlessly profound collage of old radio vignettes. Nostalgic yet hopeful.
Hektor Thillet


by: Jeris
“Hero” is a compelling mix from beginning to end. Featuring a stunning Lisa Debenedictis pell called Crooked Mile, and built on the frame work of Aamu’s excellent treatment, Hero is a gem in the ccMixter repertoire. It also highlights our unique culture of remixing, as a secret mix of a secret mix. Follow the history of the track in Remix History
Play Hero

you! (na-na-na-na)

From the Fat Boy Slim channeled intro, DoKashiteru weaves a technicolor tapestry around the various audio copperthreads of sound. Do a little dance. Make a little love. Get down tonight.
MC Jack in the Box

Grand rassemblement des banquiers

A stunning, cinematic composition with sweeping transitions, moody movement and lovely melodies created by Morusque using merely 18 pieces of source from Onlymeith. Extraordinary!

As We Kissed

by: J.Lang
Mixtermaster J. Lang pulls you in with seductive groove, intricate production, and the power of intimate love.

‘As we Kissed’ is J. Lang’s Secret Mixter remix of urmymuse, featuring the intensely beautiful words of Suzi Q. and the delicately romantic whispers of Sackjo22.