Hope for the Holidays Remix Event

Editors' Picks

Postmodernism is Antenostalgia

A treat for the senses, annabloom combines a grab bag of postmodern influences… .beat poetry, jazz, Asian culture, minimalism & glitch into an experimental bath of sound. On the third listen, turn it up loud to catch the subliminals. Enjoy!

"Meditation is a state of mind" (Kundalini Rising Part 2)

by: Jeris
Starting with a very calm intro, this song seriously explodes into your feets. It combines ancient instruments and melodies with modern break beats and takes the listener on a journey straight to the beaches of goa.

Inside Outside

Geert Veneklaas masterfully orchestrates “Inside Outside” by Snowflake. The lush strings and rich and detailed brass voicings in this arrangement are worthy of Hollywood’s finest production.

Allgemeingut (Don´t-dare-to-mess-with-the-80ies-remix!)

Hans Atom produces a high quality remix of Keller12’s ‘Allgemeingut’ (Common Property). An infectious track with an 80’s European influence this is a must listen.

Get it Right

Scomber and unreal_dm got it completely right with this one! Just good music!


Although there is a theory out there that ccMixter isn’t a good place for deliberate collabs, I think this remix/collab kills those theories pretty much dead. Just listen - I’ll spare you the superlatives.
Admiral Bob


by: Jeris
In which four ccM musicians listen to each other with such creativity & musicality that a masterpiece of alternative rock is created. You’ll wish you could find the CD. Enjoy!


by: Nethis
With impeccable tone, timbre, and taste Nethis frames State Shirt’s brilliant writing and vocal in a commercial-pop winner. Enjoy!


Popping with genre bending, deep-thumping DnB and an Indian-style flair, Muleboy’s remix, “Waiting,” is… well, awesome. projectQUESTION’s (Lonnie Ray Atkinson) bluegrass-like, speedy delivery of his affecting, intense lyrics are the focus of Muleboy’s imaginative remix. Check it out, friends!
Mind Map That!


The mystery of life and time is dramatically emphasized in Donnie Drost’s experimental remix of “Angels.” The rich, contemplative vocals of Timberman, the luscious backup vocals of SackJo22, and the insightful lyrical foundation by Panu make this a solid, talent-filled collaboration. Donnie Drost leaves plenty of room for contemplation during the verses and brings a heavy, grungy contrast for the chorus. The extreme dynamics create an intriguing piece from start to finish. Enough words, push play already!
Mind Map That!


by: Speck
Soundmeister Speck reassembles acoustic guitar & percussion samples by Javolenus into a folk jazz inner peace offering. With overtones of Michael Hedges and Acoustic Alchemy this track celebrates the guitar as one-man-orchestra in a whole new way. Enjoy!

Flesh and Bones - Goldrunner remix

Although a newcomer to ccM, GOLDRUNNER made his remixer bones on a planet far, far away and many moons ago. This electro-glitch remix of Ghost Kollective’s ‘Flesh and Bones’ is best enjoyed with your Sennies duct-taped firmly in place. Enjoy!

Judgement Day

unreal_dm puts his signature sound on ‘Judgement Day’, taken from folk-pop singer songwriter Marc Reeves’ latest album, ‘Remember Me’. This one is unforgettable!


mmmmmmmmmm. so tasty.
MC Jack in the Box

Where you are

A groovy and funky dancefloorfiller by radiotimes with vocals by panu.