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Editors' Picks

Come Back

Written from the devil’s point of view, Down With Ben creates an EPIC tale about what happens if a person escapes from hell. Listen to his VOICE! Whoa, baby, WHOA! Feel the devilish passion! The amazing backing track comes from (his Secret Mixter assignment) Abstract Audio’s remix “Devil’s visit”. Down With Ben’s lyrics are a hardy nod to the lyricist and vocalist Panu (the original singer in AA’s “Devil’s visit”). So push play already and get ready for some serious fun!
Kara Square

Sweet Sanity

Funky, sensual and delightfully groovin’, Sweet Sanity is Scomber’s Flying Time Secret Mixter contribution, featuring his sexy vocals and the oh so talented DoKashteru on the track. Radio ready, you can’t help listening again and again!

Like A Sycamore

Can it get any better??
A beautiful guitar piece provided by Goldfish combined with a lovely poem written by Snowflake
Abstract Audio

One Spiral Light (Spinning)

by: 7OOP3D
Top notch dark trip-hop. Enjoy the superb blend of audiotechnica beats with Kara’s vocals presented to you by the boys from 7OOP3D

This is CCMixter at its best
Abstract Audio

Routine Mission - Heart of Mine

by: KungFu
This incredibly moving, sensitive, atmospheric remix by KungFu is a perfect example of how ccMixter vocalists often grab the samples of others and make magic. His soothing, meditative voice is full of love. Javolenus provides the musical foundation of the piece- which includes some beautiful piano from nickleus. The cool, modern-sounding gentle percussion comes from Speck’s “household hits” samples. This is a lovely collaboration not to be missed. Plus, it’s CC-BY and would be perfect for any contemplative or sensual scene in film.
Kara Square

The Beach

A simple and excellent psy trance track that could be played on every dancefloor around the world.

Another Blue Day

With The Smiths as his muse, Javolenus crafted this rocking 80s pop song. Numeron’s remix takes it to the next level by adding a solid, driving bass line and making the drums pop.
Kara Square

Your Turn

This dark, cinematic remix of Snowflake’s “The Key” by Bang Bang Rouge is hauntingly gripping. With its gothic orchestration, perfectly placed percussion, and a wonderfully melancholy piano, this is a must listen. Grab your headphones, press play, shut your eyes, and let it take you away… to the darkness…
Mind Map That!

That'll Do Pig. That'll Do.

A stylish and original hip hop track from Sturzstrom with Forensic, ccM’s most remixed artist, on the mic. A hit at home or in the club. Enjoy!

Brown & Gold

This stand-out trip-hop track with dub-step elements features the fantastic vocals of Leza2unes and crazy-cool samples from Daniel Cambier (Bigbonobo Combo). Chill out with Abstract Audio’s hypnotic remix.
Mind Map That!

Postmodernism is Antenostalgia

A treat for the senses, annabloom combines a grab bag of postmodern influences… .beat poetry, jazz, Asian culture, minimalism & glitch into an experimental bath of sound. On the third listen, turn it up loud to catch the subliminals. Enjoy!

"Meditation is a state of mind" (Kundalini Rising Part 2)

by: Jeris
Starting with a very calm intro, this song seriously explodes into your feets. It combines ancient instruments and melodies with modern break beats and takes the listener on a journey straight to the beaches of goa.

Inside Outside

Geert Veneklaas masterfully orchestrates “Inside Outside” by Snowflake. The lush strings and rich and detailed brass voicings in this arrangement are worthy of Hollywood’s finest production.

Allgemeingut (Don´t-dare-to-mess-with-the-80ies-remix!)

Hans Atom produces a high quality remix of Keller12’s ‘Allgemeingut’ (Common Property). An infectious track with an 80’s European influence this is a must listen.

Get it Right

Scomber and unreal_dm got it completely right with this one! Just good music!