Editors' Picks


MC Jack in the Box crafts a piece that is hard to describe - Dub with a hint of old style Ska, set to space noises and featuring wry commentary on the music industry by KCentric. What I can’t easily tell you is how much fun this is to listen to, and perhaps even more fun to dance to!
Admiral Bob

Orc March

Its easy to forget sometimes how powerful opera can be; take Carmen, which though dynamic, remains delicate most of the time.

Orc March, in basematic’s conception, is not delicate. It is powerful, swaggering, and almost terrifying in its menace. There’s no guitar part the loudest metalhead could add that would sharpen this piece’s razor sharp swords and battle axes.
Admiral Bob

Expiration Date

This exquisitely produced pop rock track by unreal_dm celebrates and features Fireproof Babies incredible lyrical strengths- combining heartbreak and humor. Reminding many Mixters of The Smiths, this track is both a loving tribute and a ridiculously good song. Did I just turn on the radio and hear FPB’s voice?
Mind Map That!

Deep Unity

Like the artist Fireproof Babies, this track is also filled with intrigue, poetry, and a sense of anticipation. Where are we going, why are we here, who knows whats next? Mana Junkie takes us there and Joe leads the way. Add this to your set lists, its a multiple listen remix that will age well.

Rise Up To Heaven

This Spirited alternative rock gem brought to you by spinningmerkaba featuring Fireproof Babies and Snowflake is sure to leave you uplifted and refreshed. Reminiscent of early U2 and full of higher purpose and Joie de vivre.

Someone's Heart is Broken: For Fireproof Babies

Mourning in song the loss of CCMixter member Fireproof_Babies, SackJo22 recreates his lyrical and melodic style over a soundscape drawn in part from the Babies’ own samples. Touching, and like the song’s title, truly heart breaking, this song is a beautiful tribute to one lost to us.
Admiral Bob

The three-fanged shark

by: colab
Colab cooks a delicious instrumental dish, with tasty ingredients provided by Speck and septahelix.

The three-fanged shark captivates the ears with its strong arrangement and sends the mind soaring with melodic story.

Nanyang Journey (Instrumental)

To call “Nanyang Journey (Instrumental)” east meets west would be trite, though the combination of guitar and Han folk music could certainly be described that way. Rather, Ivan, with all the skill of a craftsman welds the urgent pace of the 21st century with the timeless themes of days long past. This is a piece we can only hope to hear in many Tubed videos.
Admiral Bob

Norleans Lovas

by: Jeris
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… Perfect! :-)
Hektor Thillet

simple Thingz

by: Vidian
Just try to keep your head from nodding back and forth… Impossible! If the infectious beats with leza2unes’ rhythmically-spliced vocals don’t get you moving, just wait until the bass kicks in… Dance party!
Mind Map That!

Urbana-Metronica (wooh-yeah mix)

There’s no such thing as too much funk; spinningmerkaba has taken some of the funkiest pieces CCMixter had laying about, and with bursts of trumpet and clean tube-toned comping guitar, he’s proven it once and for all!
Admiral Bob

The Broken

Heartfelt and heart stirring, this track is capable of generating numerous images and feelings. Admiral Bob & Jeris. Gentle. Soothing. Evocative.

Grease man in a Jam

by: Jeris
Jeris gets jiggy with Admiral Bob and the result would get the Godfather on up and dancing out of his grave. Honk if you’re horny!
MC Jack in the Box

lucid living

Septahelix brings together a variety of source material in an enticing, haunting, beautifully chill track.


by: Nethis
This producer, after only 3 tracks in, has shown a great deal of remixing skill, musicianship and talent, which is starting to be a trend emerging from the new ccmixters. I applaud his amazing way of producing this track like painting on a musical canvas with such expression and skill. Very good job. Welcome to the mixter.

Peace! ;)~