Editors' Picks

Clock - Black to the Night

In this dynamic and richly developed electronic remix, Scomber’s vocals come to life admidst shimmering arpeggios, a funky drumbeat, and backing vocals from Fronz Arp. Best moment is arguably when the hypnotic, engulfing bassline peaks.

Oh, Love

BAM! TRF combines a classic vocal with session quality musicianship and Nashville/Galveston quality production to produce this radio ready hit. The in-the-pocket groove is an infectious soundstage for Lynn’s wonderful song.


Just Breathe

bangcorrupt takes Mikey D’s rap straight from New Orleans into a shadowy bar, filled with a smokey atmosphere and delicate jazz. Hints of scratched vinyl keep you tied to the present.

Come Inside

A magical Europop journey indoors from the cold. Clear and smooth, Snowflake hews all the rough edges off Cold Ears, adds a spectacular set of backing vocals (from herself, Kara Square, and spinningmerkaba), and takes us on a dreamy lyrical trip through the great indoors.
Admiral Bob

Kalte Ohren ( Remix )

Dysfunction_AL floats Kara Square’s invitation to “come inside” over masterful use of Kalte Ohren’s stems. Listeners and dancers alike are enticed to navigate a journey that at times is exquisitely enticing, and at others hints at the dangers of the night.

I'll Never Grow Old

Highly danceable house track. Leading with a Snowflake promo, Tarida Gaol takes us into this elegant house production featuring the vocals of kizzylotus. Though the subject matter is about coping with loss, the track is about bringing people together through dance.

Soul Searching

Folk ballad in the vein of Johnny Cash. With the tender string work of Aussens@iter as accompaniment, Radioontheshelf shares this deeply touching and romantic ballad. Universal in its message, let this touch your heart and lift your spirit.


by: Dagon
Dynamic synthpop with a rock attitude! Let Dagon take you on an EDM journey from synthpop to trance, featuring the vocals of Dirk Hackenberg, Vera, and Gerd Kohlmeier. Keep this one on repeat, you won’t be disappointed!
Play Kiss

Black Butterflies Bleeding

Dan Mantau’s musical collaboration with Stefan Kartenberg and Ivan Chew is an acoustic guitar driven pop rock wall of sound that delivers an excellent rendition of Minwen’s Ballad of Black Butterflies.


Pay It Forward [Pitch Shift ReMix]

by: Jihfa
Positive hip-hop for the soul! With an uplifting instrumental, Jihfa matches the positive energy of Poor Legacy, whose timeless message of keeping love sacred comes through strong and clear. Let this jam warm your heart and move your feet.

I've tried to warn you

Epic electronic music with an experimental edge. dashdotdotdash takes us on an electronic journey full of energy, with many twists on the vocals of Snowflake from “Unbury Your Heart.” Thoroughly engaging, this will leave you wanting more!

Stayin' Dynamite

Happy, hooky, sizzling and groovy! Admiral Bob took Spinningmerkaba’s positively crackin’ remix of Greg Baumont’s funky rhythm guitar and upped the ante. Catch this hot instrumental and put it in your fun summer films and playlists!
Kara Square

Don't Start Beggin'

Phildann’s radio ready lyrics smoothly remixed over Javolenus’ Private Eye provides a laid back R&B groove worthy of any smoove playlist.


Love Cast A Spell (Key of Love Mix)

Siobhan Dakay used some unmixed samples by ANTIQCOOL and Madam Snowflake in a very soft and warm way. What a lovely ballad.
Stefan Kartenberg

I Can't Remember (Folk Mix)

by: Speck
Heartfelt folk ballad with a touch of psychedelia. In this well produced remix, Speck pairs the beautiful guitar work of Stefan Kartenberg with the emotional vocals of KungFu, supplemented with backup from unreal_dm for a spiritual journey of heart and mind.