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Editors' Picks

Good Thing ( Remix )

Destinazione Altrove teams up with The Concept of Energy to create a funky electronic dance groove that celebrates their good thing waiting at home. Celebrate with them, dance to the music!

New Earth

Hypnotic baroque take on Snowflake’s mesmerizing “New Earth” vocals. The enchanting guitars, subtle and effective beats, and dreamy atmosphere make this a contemplative music listen.
Kara Square

Calling, I'm Calling

Sometimes mixers get to meet each other in the 3-d world. And sometimes when that happens, music emerges and we are treated to something special like this super cool multifaceted chill mix produced by CSM that features a propulsive rhythm and the intermingling of the unique talents of Anchor Mejans and Calling Sister Midnight. This is a call that can’t be resisted,

La lavandière de Pontrieux

Bluemillenium well recreates a folk song about a toiling washerwomen waiting for her love, a sailor. This preservation music provides an authentic audio image of historic Pontrieux in the department Côtes d’Armor in the Brittany region of France.

Authentique musique française historique.

Come Back to Me

“Come Back to Me” is a must listen! With Songboy3’s heart-stirring, powerful vocals, texasradiofish has produced a totally modern, soulful, blues-hit with guitar that will evoke a deeper love inside you. Along with other great source, our Galveston Maestros have cleverly created the ccMixter choir in the outro featuring Brad Sucks & Wilburson. Check this out!

Sing Like A Bird^!^

If you love Bob Marley and Michael Franti, you will absolutely adore Sing like a Bird! Produced and constructed by ccMixter’s beloved Loveshadow, the soaring vocals of BryanArtMuzik are elevated with a chill-reggae groove that will seep under your skin and not let go. A must add to your favorites playlist!

Knowledge is The Power

Yaman, big tings! Stefan Kartenberg and Bryanartmuzik team up to lay down a maad reggae beat to move your feet. Fulljoy!

Lightning Strikes 2wice (SAW mix)

One of our most prolific remixers, stellarartwars, has created a toe tapping, head bobbing, feel good British pop dance arrangement of Steven Bryant’s Lightening Strikes Twice. A must add to your feel good, pop music playlist.

Lightning Strikes Twice

Classic rock and roll featuring Steven M Bryant’s powerful, engaging vocals and Unreal_dm’s multi-instrumental expertise. It’s a catchy, punchy, and spirited love song that sounds like a radio hit!
Kara Square

The Stone That Used To Be My Heart (two)

A compelling lyric sung with the authenticity born of experience and deftly produced in the spirit of the best Euro-Pop.

This track resonates and draws you back and back… .



Featuring our incredibly cool female rapper Ms. Vybe, Insecurities combines a compelling hip-hop beat, a beautifully crafted string-section, and clear-ringing piano runs that take you to a tango bar in Argentina. A positive message with hoppin’ rhythm make this a must-add to your feel-good hip-hop playlist.

Please don't ask me anything

Chill and ultra-cool electro lounge remix of Timberman’s extraordinary vocal by the uber-talented and versatile Scomber. Turn the lights down and get your groove on…
Kara Square


by: Anchor
This theatrical, orchestral remix featuring samples from AT and the always powerful, stunning vocals of Anchor will whisk you away… The build, dynamics, and creative choral additions seal the deal.
Kara Square
Play Trust

Waste of TV

Seriously driving and massively exciting alternative rock and roll courtesy of vocalist Brad Sucks, drummer Bill Ray, and remixer/bassist/guitarist Hans Atom! When is the world-wide tour?
Kara Square

Eleven Pieces of Eight

Here’s a THRILLING jazz fusion instrumental with Bill Ray on drums, ElRon XChile wailing on guitar, and that top notch TRF musicality and production ccMixter regulars know and love. WOW.
Kara Square