Editors' Picks

Blues #8

by: @nop
Blues goes electro with @nop’s latest remix. Utilizing samples from greyguy, My Free Mickey, and Pitx, this creative and cool instrumental remix is not to be missed.
Kara Square

Boutros Boutros Ghali

The A Capella is a popular one here at ccMixter, and rightly so. This mix gives us the smoking gun, the tangled summer bedsheets, and the suspense of a CIA plot that frames the vocals like a leather glove. Alexander leaves the crime scene with an alternate passport and a rendezvous with La Femme Fatale. Mission accomplished!

Midnight Phunk

Relax and float away on the excellent chill waves of Doxent Zsigmond’s extended play jazz fusion remix featuring Javolenus on guitar, phat funky drums and a quiet storm R&B rhythm section that is tighter than your local bank’s loan department.

Call Me, Baby

Somebody is gonna need to put out the fire on this smokey jazz number by unreal_dm featuring vocals by John Louis Kluck.

Floating through time

by: Jeris
A wonderful anthem for the cross-culturally inclined. It’s a good day to be off the grid… and a good day to be us.



Like some spectral reincarnation of Timbuk3 this track fuses the heart & soul of two gifted souls - worlds apart - worthy of inclusion on any playlist on the planet.


The Living Game

Stefan Kartenberg and Panu Moon rock the house in The Living Game. The infectious rhythm and gnarly guitar will make you shake what your momma gave you.
Rock on!


by: pyrex
This remix of “Harmony” by Pyrex is pure genius! Majestic, quirky, dark… an enigmatic Rube Goldberg machine of a piano concerto, constantly unfolding and blooming with new surprises.

Make It Stop

Calling Sister Midnight defies genre tags with her inspired remix of Mana Junkie. This jazz-touched dub-infused remix is cool to the max.

Dancing Round Like Dandelion (hybrid dance mix)

This one is the real deal, kids. Inexorable damn house-dance-hip hop-electro adult contemporary dynamite! Somehow I can’t shake the image of Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas doing da wild thang to this track



Push play, lean back, and shut your eyes… Airtone’s gentle, contemplative remix of Speck is a fresh breath of air! Beautiful.
Kara Square

Free Culture (Never Easy)

by: 7OOP3D
Life might be hard but listening to the genius of 7OOP3D makes challenges seem easy. Featuring the magical vocals of Kara Square and wonderful ambient tones of airtone — with some subtle vocal tributes to ccM by PorchCa — Free Culture (Never Easy) is a *must* add to your favorites playlist.

Tra La Superstar!

HEELLLLLLL YESSS! Point Blank Groove, Funk, Dance! It’s all in there. This needs to be released!!!!! Great Job!

Pulling G's

by: panu
Panu Moon takes us on a colorful journey by train through the land of CDK narrated by Forensic. Panu’s CDK anthology well captures the spirit of Secret Journey Secret Mixter

Dive Deep (Loveshadow remix)

Yeah so I onlyt intended to give out one editorial tonight but this Secret Mixter has brought forth some gems like this one. Amazing work. The talent on the mixter has definitely stepped up by 10 levels! Great Job!