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Editors' Picks

Full Moon Starry Night

Floating under a twinkling sky in “Full Moon Starry Night,” Stefan delivers Kara’s hopeful vocals on a glimmering bed of perfected pop-rock snow.

Poisen Cup

An instant rock radio hit, Stefan made Loveshadow’s vocals rock out with intensive energy!

Shoot Me (Featuring Apoxode)

Spinningmerkaba did Apoxode’s tune some heavy duty, six-shootin’, nickel plated old style sheriff’s beat down justice! Even my horse is tired after this ride into the sunset, dodging the tumbleweeds and cactuses all the way through his Personal Garden!

Kung Fu Xaphoon

Experimental downtempo with a psychedelic flavor. Experience the thoroughly engaging cut’n’paste soundscape of septahelix, a selected tour and reimagining of Joel Frijters’ vocals, percussion, and musical ideas. There’s never a dull moment as you achieve enlightment along your path of self discovery.


Airton’s Light & airy mix of CLA vocals is Magical as said by Frijters. Very well produced and mixed.

The night is calling

Journey through the techno underground with Kraftamt. His dynamic instrumental remix of Mwic in ‘The night is calling’ is electronically delicious. Get lost in the rhythm.

For You, I'll Jazz There (feat DJazzlang)

Smooth, toe tappin’, head boppin, acid-jazz, funky lounge style. This Siobhan Dakay remix of J.Lang grooves…hard!

Wait here for you

Scomber and Snowflake deliver a powerful vocal duet in this heartfelt rock ballad Wait here for you. Stefan Kartenberg lays down a solid song foundation with a stellar guitar accompaniment.

En Shenandoah

Down With Ben and Airtone team up to deliver that classic American folks song, Shenandoah. Always a pleasure hearing a classic folk music performance that projects emotion.

“Away, we’re bound away,
Across the wide Missouri.”


by: Jeris
CRANK UP THE VOLUME! Who needs the radio when you got tunes like this burning up ccMixter.
Stay in the moment and don’t let this song go.
Mana Junkie
Play Stay

Save Us

Snowflake shows us all how to make truly beautiful music with this synth pop sensation. Her vocals are sublime, mixed with a selection Loveshadow’s vocals and making it fit with a Leviathan of a track!

Coffee & Lullabies

by: sparky
“Coffee & Lullabies” is reminiscent of the “Cocteau Twins” in the early eighties.The lovely voice of an “Crazy Little Asian” girl fits perfect to this “Sparky” mix.
Well done.
Stefan Kartenberg