New! Amplifiers Remix Event

Editors' Picks

Barbed Wire Fence

spinningmerkaba starts the new year with a bang in this driven, rebellious, burning fuse of a remix. This one is fiercely motivating!

LoveShadow - Break Free (cdk Mix)

Steady and determined, the robots are making their getaway from the tyranny of their masters. CDK’s daft re-interpretation of Loveshadow’s anthem to freedom adds synthetic swirls and strong beats, slowed down perfectly for chilling with purpose.

Late Night Dreams

by: J.Lang
Push play and chill out with J.Lang’s funky, feel-good hip-hop instrumental remix of Alex. The ultra-catchy groove is sure to get your head nodding and fingers snapping along!
Kara Square

What for

by: @nop
I would add film_noir, suspense, mystery, and sci-fi_thriller to the list of tags for @nop’s instrumental track, where the tension is simmering and something’s gotta give.

all as one

Hope-filled, guitar-driven electro pop featuring a beautiful wall of sound. Kris Sky’s immersive remix of Snowflake’s touching vocal delivery of Patronski’s inspiring lyrics is a wonderful sound to bring in the New Year.
Kara Square

Gloria (Reboot 2016)

by: 7OOP3D
“Angels We Have Heard on High” has never sounded so freakin’ cool! This electro orchestral rock hybrid brought to you by 7OOP3D featuring vocals by Snowflake and rewired + DoKashiteru & Coblat proves that traditional Christmas songs can BRING THE PARTY. Turn the volume up, push play, and get ready to ROCK out with your Christmas socks out.
Kara Square

Maman Noël 2016

Bluemillenium presents a warm, personal and imaginative Christmas tribute to his mother with musical influences echoing the psychedelic-light pop sound of 1968. It’s obvious this music passed the heart on its way to the drawing board, that’s why it’s so good.

All As One

by: Alex
Lift your spirits with this dance-able electro pop collaboration! Alex’s production adds the sizzle to Stellar Art Wars’ awesome remix of Snowflake’s emotional performance of Patronski’s hope-filled song.
Kara Square

Remember Us

Every now and then something special comes along that goes straight to your heart. This is one of those moments. Cherish it.

The Quiet Hours

Siobhan Dakay set out to pay homage to 70s songwriters like Burt Bacharach, Roger Nichols and Paul Williams and does it brilliantly with this clever remix and gorgeous arrangement featuring vocals from Sackjo22’s “The Quiet Hours”.


Muy buen trabajo! Quarkstar’s adaptation of Zep Hume’s Everything is a quality remix that well showcases Panu Moon’s Working Class Valentine, Slide Guitar Blues by unreal_dm and In My Sky by MissJudged. This excellent remix of quality ccmixter contributions is a smoove blues rock groove that’s got big pockets.


by: Alex
“Disconnected” is like a train you’re spinning on. The continuous base drum, and the well-made percussion allow you to go on the journey. You like Leonard Cohens “Woke up this morning”? Then you have to listen to “Disconnected” by Alex.
Stefan Kartenberg

Ordinary Man

Scomber’s wonderfully crafted lyrics and remix well captures the mood of Tobias Weber’s Scared Of My Own Blood. This radio worthy music and lyrics evoke beauty and emotion through vivid imagery that we have grown to expect from down under.

Blue Dot

Texasradiofish once again pushes creative boundaries with extraordinary skill. Riffing on the constellations theme of this recent secret mixter event, Texasradiofish masterfully works with material from Kara Square and Carl Sagan to bring you a uniquely entertaining lesson on the cosmos.

Secret Things

by: Jeris
A light touch. Delicate tones. A spacious arrangement. Jeris’ Secret Mixter remix of Ivan Chew (with Colab) is a gently set neo-soul groove. It is is the sound of a secret shared.