Editors' Picks

If You Wait For Me

This was worth waiting for: Gentle jazzy sophistication meets the snuggle couch. The Texas Radio Fish take on a gorgeous vocal by Loveshadow to create romance that impresses the brain and the heart!

Hanging Eleven

No frubes or paddlepusses at this party. Kara’s fun use of surf music and slang paints a very colorful beach party image. Catch the wave!

Mr Rabbit

With a trippy vintage 60s flare, Stefan Kartenberg and Silke Schmiemann’s vocal additions to Blue Wave Theory’s instrumental create a must listen mix. Have you seen Mr. Rabbit?
Kara Square

To This

Mellow surf rock RIDE THE WAVE remix featuring Snowflake’s vocals, Blue Wave Theory’s drums and bass, and Aussens@iter’s guitars and remixing prowess. Catchy, perfectly meshed, and just freaking good!
Kara Square

I Miss You (Quintett) no drums

Siobhan Dakay creates a heartfelt remix well built upon Tobias Weber and Martin de Boer’s remixes of Snowflake’s poignant and ageless lament about the failure of yet another politician to be a statesman. Siobhan’s remix is a fine example of ccmixters building upon each other’s works.

Jefferson Walk

Rey Izain’s funkin’ rockin’ soul jazz blues fusion remix of FORENSIC’s Jefferson Walk will perk up your day. Groovalicious for ya, Baby!

Break Free

Energetic rock that jumps outta the speakers! Zep Hurme’s powerful rock remix of Loveshadow’s ultra-cool vocals is a great cruisin’ down the street summer track.
Kara Square

Blasphemy - Snowflake & Piero Peluche

Powerful, stirring, politically-inspired progressive rock remix of “Blasphemy.” Take a listen to Piero Peluche’s take on Snowflake’s hope-filled song. This is a must listen, folks.
Kara Square

So Long Since I Held You (Lilac Mix)

by: vo1k1
Celebrate life and love with vo1k1’s euphoric pop rock remix of urmymuse. Featuring wonderful vocals from DeBenedictis, this beautiful mix is sure to bring joy to listeners world-wide!
Kara Square

May Day S-O-S

CSM’s experimental electronic mix fully embraces the May Day Secret Mixter theme, while thoroughly incorporating two of Carosone’s compositions. The result is innovative and enthralling. Take a listen!
Kara Square

Wired But Disconnected

Are you ready some funky introspective rock? Aussens@iter breathes new life into Duckett’s classic ccMixter pell (from 2008!). Push play and give this awesome May Day Secret Mixter mix a listen!
Kara Square

Face in the Crowd

Did Miley Cyrus stop by ccMixter? Or is that Taylor Swift? Nopers! This new POP HIT is sung by Scomberella with the vocal melody by Sassygal, and lyrics and production by Scomber. It’s all part of a Secret Mixter mix of Copperhead’s ultra-cool backing track.
Kara Square

da Brum ....

Float away on the airy strings of VickyDan’s smooth and spatially deep accompaniment of Panu’s da Brum.

Les violons se mêlent, la voix de panu s’interpose, et là, vous êtes dans le monde de Dan.

Two Turntables and a Microphone (DuckCentric Mix)

Duckett’s boom bap remix of KCentric’s Two Turntables and a Microphone is smoove like sippin’ on gin and juice. Laid back.

Noteworthy samples and grooves provided by Calling Sister Midnight, Donkey Horse Mule, Cezary Ostrowski, SackJo22, Neurowaxx and luckydigs.

Bonobo Shuffle

Somehow, someway TRF fuses Yusef Lateef,
Booker T and Scott Henderson with a smoove rhythm section that’s got big pockets. And it does NOT need more cowbell, ya’ll!