Time of Terror Remix Event

Editors' Picks

Surreal in Vienna

by: _ghost
dj blue said it best.

“this is one of the dopest tracks i’ve heard on mixter in a while a pure sonic experience. the layers and textures are amazingly lush. the thought and time that went into this piece shines through. not an easy composition to pull off but ghost executes it flawlessly. the pace and anticipation that gets built with sound and tempo is completely evocative and inspiring… repeat.. absolutely love it… big props, this track needs to be an editor’s pick! “


by: teru
“Tasha is a friend of mine and my best friend’s younger sister. Tasha was in a car accident last week and has not woken up yet. Her family are over in Spain right now. I wish I could do more than just sit around praying for things to work out.”

Sounds just like that.
Mike Linksvayer

U_F_O " F I X I N G M Y B R A I N " ( Final ReMix )

by: U_F_O
Dance-able flower power is alive and well thanks to U_F_O’s series of Brad remix uploads topped for sure by this trippy in the sense before there was software called ‘ACID’

ditto ditto

Soulful world mix of “Ana” that strikes at the heart and never lets go from the first sound to the last.

Another impressive ccM debut,looking forward to lots more from ditto. er, ditto.

Calendar Girl (Non Carbon Emissions Mix)

Felt like 1986. If this doesn’t take you back, then you weren’t there. Remixed by Briareus featuring vocals by Omni Vista and Calendar Girl, currently 5 months into her 12 month Game.

blood is thicker (so clearly remix)

cinematic, dramatic soundscape and minimal beat’s that glich just right..
from a newer mixter plurgid..
vocals from j lang and 4nsic, this track is clearly one for the playlist.

"Stop" (blue mix)

A great song and vocal by Hymn aka Hat Collector. Production by CDK, _ghost(Ghost_K) and DJ Blue. That’s an insanely great production team. : )

Mega Colaboration - Welcome to Mixter

A trippy journey with 20 tour guides through a funky haunted house …OR… an industrial sunrise after a, er, vigorous night out …OR… what it sounds like inside at your class reunion — whatever imagery you apply the 8 month efforts of cdk and cohorts pays off big time with a serious, emotional and soulful journey.

This is a is very long (more than 13 minutes) instrumental ride so take your time with this one, you will not, not, not be sorry you made it to end.

Mind Field

Hypnotic chill with a head snap mixing mixter exclusive vocal samples with deep textures and moods that reach deep.

Curl up and snuggle to DJ Blue.

Open your eyes- Long Island Remix

I missed this one. I miss a lot of songs.

But oh this is so killer. A great beat with the right vocals, jumping and fading in and out. Open booty shake alert all over!

Who Am I To Disagree(Minima)

A wonderful piece of MiNiMaL_aRT. There are times while listening to this track when I forgot the vocalist, sax player and keys/drum/bass have never met each other. Great track.

Sunset Shadow (gettin laid mix)

CDK brings in the chill mood softly, then breaks it down with a funky groovalicious beat accompanying Ran dum dots’ smooth singing. Great work from a CCMixMaster.

All the beet just

Soul (capital ‘S’) hip-hop grown-up mix that belies the lyrics and makes for a beautiful blend of throw-back feeling with modern senses.

(not safe for work)

Hard Moon

by: Pitx
Tuvan garage funk comes to ccMixter. Pitx has been quietly building a fantastic soundtrack for any flash or video with his uploads here. Nobody on the site mixes earthy grooves and sounds with such an artistic touch and phrasing.

See? Not all ed picks have female vocals or Brad Sucks.

Martinis On The House (The V.I.P. Room Mix)

Welcome to the VIP Room. Over there, that’s Pat Chilla the Beat Gorilla. Pay attention you may learn something young grasshopper. : )