Firefly Secret Mixter Remixes!

Editors' Picks

One Way

Sooner or later one must surrender to Stephen Fewell’s lounge disco with
strong references to the likes of Salsoul orchestra and the whole orchestral disco era
in the later half of the seventies.
Old enough to have experienced Studio54?
Close your eyes and you can probably relive Bianca Jagger riding in on that white horse.


The long Absent Sleeperspaceborn weaves some special aural magic.

Almost worth the wait :-)

Upside Down

Whether you’re walkin or trippin, this treatment of Snowflake’s vocals will turn your frown upside down.
MC Jack in the Box


Go fish.
MC Jack in the Box
Play Fish

Border Legends, Red Light mix

by: AT
Raw. Heavy. Pulsing. Sexy. Audiotechnica bursts forth through Texasradiofish in a morph of edgy bass and guitar, capped off by HelenaJ’s red hot vocal. Pow!

All Roads Lead to Bombala

by: CSoul
CSoul takes you on a genuine journey to Bombala, with the vocal visualizations of Deb. The music is heaven to the ears, the words expansive for the mind.

Featuring samples from gasnoo, ghost, and audiotechnica, ‘All Roads Lead to Bombala’ is a must listen.

Can't We All Just Get Along?

This fine track by copperhead shows why we at ccmixter do get along. Letting go of your music isn’t so hard when you get stuff like this back in return.
MC Jack in the Box

ManaTyme (Lemonade Mix)

Summer is made for lemonade mixes and Duckett is back with his own special ManaTyme cocktail. Shaken not stirred.
MC Jack in the Box

N_E thing 4 ya

Massive Attack along with all the other electronica masters would be proud of you Travis Morgan. I for starters am blown away! This should be the score to one of those sexy, spending spree inducing commercials. B-)
Hektor Thillet


by: Alex
Featuring 2 of my favorite ccmixter artists, Alex throws Jason in the Brocket with this pulsating screamer. Phil Spector created the wall of sound, Alex gives us the wall of guitar.
MC Jack in the Box

Suggar Daddy

if Stevie Nicks had ever recorded with The Romantics, you might get this - bouncy, new wave pop music, with a slightly sardonic lilt in the singing. A true pop hit, Secret Mixter style!
Admiral Bob

Wood and Fire

Hey Guys, This track feel like it could have been on the soundtrack of “A Weekend at Bernie’s” I love the sound and combination of these two, I’d love to hear more from these two. I reckon they’d have an amazing reggae album. What a track, what a song & what a team!!! Great Production, Well done

Peace! ;)~

One Two Three (Countess Cipher)

by: 7OOP3D
7OOP3D’s intoxicating dark-pop mix features the divinely intense vocals of Jacinda Espinosa.

A must listen. The chorus will give you goose bumps. Brilliant.

Organized Truth

Ya mon! The truth is Geert Veneklaas slides into a fresh take on a familiar sound. Utilizing classic reggae elements of sexy slink on the upbeat and protest, Geert builds on Neurowaxx’s solid dub foundation, incorporating some of Paloseco’s jazzy brass, some slide guitar from Unreal_DM, and the soulful voice of Jeris in a thoughtful, and most tuneful mix.

All Or Nothing

by: Alex
Alex takes it to another level, sampling source material from Steven M Bryant & Benjamin Orth. Alex creates a hot rockin remix of “All Or Nothing” It’s the real deal and it’s rocking!!!