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Option of externally hosted mixes

permalink   Sun, Feb 4, 2007 @ 1:12 PM
As mentioned in a previous post of mine, I’d like to incorporate CC songs into dj mixes of mine. I’d like to use the ‘I sampled this..’ but I cannot do this under the current system for two reasons (I think): The mix is too large, usually around 50mb. Also I would like to keep my music hosted in a central location (

If there was a way I could submit my mixes but not upload them here, that’d be perfect. The mix would still have a page, but the mp3 download would point elsewhere.

permalink   Sun, Feb 4, 2007 @ 2:06 PM
Hey Blaine,

yea, we’re not setup for 50MB uploads ;)

We’re also not set up for submitting links, much the same way flickr and YouTube are not setup to take links to pictures or videos. They/we are content management systems (CMS) as opposed to and digg which are manage links and bookmarks. May be short sighted of everybody but that’s kind of how the world is divided right now.