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Rating by tags

permalink   Thu, Sep 14, 2006 @ 1:09 PM
How difficult would it be to set up a tag filter based on ratings?

For example if I wanted to look for “jazz”, the results would show all tracks tagged with “jazz” in order of ratings, highest to low.

I think this would make looking for specific music much easier.: )
permalink   Thu, Sep 14, 2006 @ 1:31 PM
I’ve half-heartedly working on a ‘charts’ feature that would allow all kinds of sorting/filtering, it’s coming along but I’ll try to get it polished up soon.

(someone “defeated” our email spam threshold this morning so I’m battling back on that front right now…)
permalink   teru Thu, Sep 14, 2006 @ 4:51 PM
Cool. Thanks Victor.

(I wish you didn’t have to waste time on that crap.)