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Acapella uploads only with Lyriks?

permalink   Mon, May 2, 2022 @ 12:02 PM
One of my remixes that was sung in >Arabic< was removed because the lyrics violated religious customs.

I’m very bad at English, even worse at Portuguese, Italian, French… you often don’t know what the song is about.

A friend of mine is a native speaker, English, even he doesn’t understand what’s going on in a rap.

What do you think of the suggestion that you can only upload vocals with text, or should!?
permalink   Mon, May 2, 2022 @ 4:00 PM
Hi reiswerk,

There’s a lot in your post to unpack there. It’s probably better to focus on your main point at least for now.

I think that although it would be tremendously helpful to be able to read what a vocalist is singing/saying, requiring them to submit text is an overreach.

As long as we can still reach out to the performer, we can request clarification for lyrics we don’t understand. If we can’t understand any of it, that’s going to still be a problem in our remixes.

I think the best bet is to communicate with the artist themselves. Sometimes a new recording with better equipment and a quieter background can solve the problem immediately.

Kind regards,
permalink   Tue, May 3, 2022 @ 5:12 AM
“What do you think of the suggestion that you can only upload vocals with text, or should!?”

The thing about that is if the poster wanted to get away with something they could just post a dishonest text. We would have to trust that what they wrote is what they sang.
Personally, I never recommend a song if I don’t know what it’s about (don’t understand or can’t hear the words). Although, somewhat hypocritically, I think I have used one or two vocals that I didn’t understand in a remix. Ones that I was fairly certain were relatively benign. But in general I think it’s a bad idea.

I’m curious about the ‘violated religious customs’ thing. I wonder what that even means and how did it get detected.
permalink   reiswerk Tue, May 3, 2022 @ 12:03 PM
After the remix of the vocal: >Al-Fatihah< I got this message:

The person said that Quran recitation is a sacred and formal reading and that including it in music is considered abuse and harassment to Muslims. We were not aware of this when the pell was uploaded. Of course, none of us wish to offend anyone, so we decided to unpublish the pell and your remix. I apologize for this.
permalink   reiswerk Tue, May 3, 2022 @ 12:07 PM
In the future I might only do more remixes where I have the lyrics and can translate them.

These days, offending religion or being politically incorrect can quickly become a problem.
permalink   Speck Tue, May 3, 2022 @ 1:57 PM
Thank you for helping me understand what happened there. (I remember that mix.)