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"Free" only until enough people have used it...

permalink   Thu, Aug 13, 2020 @ 9:00 AM
Dear ccMixters,
I don’t know I have the right to complain, after all, I have not paid anything to use the music I got from here. I can assure you I have never, ever made any money from it either.
There is, however, much to say about trust. Its typically a requirement for the success in any type of relationship. If your users make something available with the statement “Free to use” (as long as credits given) and we follow the rules to the best of our knowledge, what is to say for those who create copyright claims months (sometimes even years) after we use the music?
It takes me 1h of work for each 1 min of video I do for YouTube (yeah, I am not the fastest). If there was a method by which the “rewards” could be proportionally shared, I would be all for it as I think work needs to be rewarded, but it is my understanding that 1st) this is not possible, 2nd) the point here is that the use of a song is already a reward in itself, a recognition of its quality.
I pisses me off that so many of the songs I get from here are later claimed (not even sure if by the authors themselves) and you can do nothing about it.

I just got a message that the song “Just do it” in the 2nd part of this video was claimed, 6 months after I downloaded it.

Song: Just Do It
Artist: Pille Dougats
Album: Just Do It
Licensed to YouTube by: SonoSuite (on behalf of HA9.COM)


I suggest everytime a song, that was posted here under the Creative Commons umbrella, is used and then later claimed those users should be banned from this community and their library erased.

It may be not much, but respect needs to be enforced somehow. I just feels like a trap, to get people to use it and when it pays off stick a knife on their backs.
permalink   Thu, Aug 13, 2020 @ 1:39 PM

I am terribly sorry to hear what happened to you, it is an awful feeling to lose control over content you created.

Please understand that what happened to you has happened to many other YouTube users, and is not because of something that ccMixter did. Unfortunately, unrelated companies have figured out a way to claim ownership to music that everyone has a right to use through the Creative Commons license.

I believe you have every right to be upset and voice your frustration, regardless of whether or not you donated or paid for anything. However, I disagree that members of this community should be punished because of the actions taken by third-party companies.

We are here to help you, and in order to do so, need more information about what happened. Starting with the example you mentioned, what was the song you used? I cannot find any information which you included about the artist or song name here.