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CC or not CC, that is the question.

permalink   Tue, Dec 5, 2017 @ 1:23 PM
Today I had once again one of those moments. I found a great song licensed under CC. Checking out the artist I see, that he is indeed about to get famous. He is even more famous than most artists will ever be.

Then I’ll play one of his songs to my wife and she says: “Yeah nice song, stop it. Heard it hundred times before.”

The song is a”christmas classic”. But the lyrics are just about more than 70 years old and the authors died right before the millenium. So it will take about 60 more years until the lyrics are public domain and not before than the song that claims to be a CC song will actually be one.

That’s another reason why I love ccmixter. Maybe it’s wrong confidence, but here I feel safe to use the music that is shared with us. Thank you to all artists here, that make me feel that way. :)