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permalink   Mon, Mar 7, 2011 @ 12:22 PM
I am pleased and honored to serve as the music director for a cutting edge theatrical production, Box, Window, Door that just premiered last night in Los Angeles for a three-week run. The music is an integral part of the show, playing throughout, re-mixed live to support the action. All of the music and sound I use in the show is from ccMixter and Freesound. You can learned more about Box, Window, Door by visiting our Indiegogo page where commentary and videos are posted.

Below is the program insert that credits all of the artists whose music and sound is featured in the play. Once again I am just bowled over by the talent, spirit and generosity of our community! Thank you!


Most of the music heard during the show is re-mixed live; bits of sound, fully mixed tracks, instrumental samples are combined in concert with the action of the play. The music played during the dances are fully composed tracks.
All of the music used in Box, Window, Door was curated from and, websites that promulgate sharing culture by hosting liberally licensed music and sound. Most of the sounds heard tonight are licensed with a Creative Commons “BY” license, meaning the artist allows others to use their work for free as long as they are given credit for their material. Some of the sounds are licensed with a “CC-BY-NC” license, meaning others are free to use the work in a non-commercial setting. For that music, I received permission from the artist to use their material for Box, Window, Door.
Accordingly, it is my pleasure to attribute the source material I feature during the show.

Susan Joseph (aka SackJo22), Music Director

Samples, Sounds & Fully Mixed Tracks from

Abstract Audio By By Bells*
Abstract Audio Lady Crying in the Bathroom
Abstract Audio Soundeffects Part 3 Redux
Admiral Bob Scottish Hearts
Afrit Digeridoo Loops*
Apophsyia OM^
Audiotechnica Eros’ Lies
BM Cosar PV Pipes (A/C/E/G)*
Colab Piano (3/4)
Colab Song Starter Piano 4/4
Colab Stems ¾ Piano in G Minor
Echoed Window Like
Heppe M.A.S.K.
Rocavaco Taiko Drums*
Gurdonark Exurb
Gurdonark Great Blue Heron Drone
Gurdonark Restless Sleep
Gurdonark Skylarks
MG Hicks Djembe*
Morgan TJ Morning Birds
Pitx The Ugly
Porch Cat 4 Drones 1 Madness
Sackjo22 Goddess Dance
SackJo22 With the Light
Snowflake Moonlight Sonata
Speck Extension
Speck Stir Often
Squee500 Monsters in the Basement
Timberman Rise Again Trumpet
Tilte Edge Kitchen Percussion
William Berry Piano
William Berry Windish*
Zikweb Great Blue Heron Drone

Samples from

Acclivity Rushing Stream
Data Sound System Glass
Dave Incamas Clock Tick Inside Door Closed
ERH Grod 11 Animal
Mark Francombe Water
Marty Pinso Heavy Snow Storm
Matt Bronca Fort
Mich 3d Dog Barking
Plagasul Agua 2
Plagasul Agua 3
ReWired Steam
RHumphries Household Faucet O2
Rhumpries Rain
Them Fish Glass House 1 and 2
Will Hiccups Blood Splishes
Voliveri Small Eddy on a River
WIM Grandfather’s Clock

* *Used in Goddess Dance, music composed by SackJo22, featuring the the BWD chorus and SackJo22
^ Used in the Spider Dance
permalink   Mon, Mar 14, 2011 @ 12:04 PM
Congratulations on your success in doing the soundtrack to this stage play. Thanks for involving so many mixters’ work in the music!
permalink   Wed, Mar 23, 2011 @ 2:25 PM
what an incredible project. thank you for making ccMixter and our collective music part of it.