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The CCHost code is very excellent work

Admiral Bob
permalink   Thu, Sep 16, 2010 @ 7:28 PM
I know Victor isn’t around much anymore, but if you are… the CCHost code (in CC’s subversion repository) is some very excellent work. I am impressed!

Clean MVC style code that is terse and yet readily comprehensible. The ccadmin install stuff is a coup de grace… you would barely have to be a technical user to get a copy of CCHost running.

There are a lot of mixter specific things hard coded, but well, someone else using the code would have to adapt the site anyways, right?
permalink   Fri, Sep 17, 2010 @ 5:27 PM
dear admiral -

i echo your sentiment (as well as I’m able to given my tech level) — at every turn working on ccM, i’ve been very impressed with Victor’s code, organization, interface, etc. he truly rocks!
permalink   Sun, Sep 19, 2010 @ 7:24 PM
thanks man - my take on MVC is definitely idiosyncratic (look at dataviews,basically parameterized sql statements esp. weird when embedded into the template) but combined with the url query engine it turned out to be very powerful - I’m definitely happy with it and learned a lot along the way to getting there.

meanwhile, I’ve accepted my lack of subjectivity about how much ccM specifics are locked into the main branch of the code ;)
permalink   Thu, Sep 23, 2010 @ 10:19 AM
I’ve never looked at the source code, but I have looked at and played some with one of Victor’s real ccHost gems: the Query API — sweet!