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Need help in understanding myself

permalink   Wed, Feb 18, 2009 @ 7:54 PM

I’ve been doing music since i’m 14-15, (now im about 33.) I started playing around with Notator on Atari ST and some yamaha midi keyboard back in the early 90’s. All self-taught.

I started playing some guitar at the same time, my primary influence in guitar was Jimi Hendrix.

Earlier, when i was about 10 years old the first music ever i was listening to was the complete album collection of The Beatles my father had on tapes.

Can anyone tell me, by judging my remixes, how would you define the “style” i’m into ?

Because my personal taste is so wide,.. i just like anything soulful with feeling, no matters what music it is. It can be as well some creative jungle/drum and bass to some soulful classsic!

-I’m just unable to explain that.

I also love to play BLUES on guitar.

Every of my remixes you hear comes straight from the depth of my feeling and imagination. I’m majorly illetrated in music theory and im totally unable to even name what key im playing in, keyboards or guitars… because i’m following to my instinct and feeling, all relying to my ears…

it is sometimes difficult.

I’m browsing almost every day through available acapellas in here, with my guitar in hands… as soon as i “pick up” something, i immediatly fire up Cubase and start working on elaborating something.. and that’s how i end up bringing in here most all the “remixes” you hear from me.

anyways, i thank google for making me discover ccmixter.org ;o)
MC Jack in the Box
permalink   Wed, Feb 18, 2009 @ 10:17 PM
i don’t think you need help. i think you need to do another remix.

it’s for the very reason that you describe that people put time and effort into making this place what it is, not for the money or lack thereof. let’s hope that whoever ends up with ccmixter grasps this concept.
MC Jack in the Box
permalink   Thu, Feb 19, 2009 @ 2:30 PM
i’d also add that genres are overrated.

it helps from an organizational perspective tagging something with a “style”, but it’s also such a limiting factor in getting one’s music heard. just listen to some of ccmixter’s best producers (teru, radiotimes, scomber, duckett, j. lang just to name a few) and one thing they all have in common is an ability to work in almost any “genre”. some people might think they hate spoken word or dance music, until they hear a remix by Code blending both styles and think it’s one of the finest tracks on the site.

so i think people should worry less about what style they sound like, and worry more about expanding their horizons (and style) through exploring the deep, diverse, catalog of source tracks in the archive. there’s no right or wrong. just what feels and sounds right.