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Looking for Direction . . . .

Bruce H. McCosar
permalink   Fri, Jan 2, 2009 @ 7:22 AM
Greetings, everyone — I’m looking for some (friendly) advice on how to proceed here at ccMixter.

I first came to this site last April, after the publication of my fourth album, Points of Departure, on Jamendo. Well, during the summer, my family and I moved to Virginia. I’ve been spending a lot of time rebuilding my life up here, basically from scratch. That, in effect, kept me off the internet for the past six months.

When I came back, this week, I was delighted to discover that I’d been remixed. I say ‘delighted’, and I mean it — it was quite a thrill, and I’m honored by these artists. (I recently made it even easier to use my music for remixes by removing the ‘non commercial’ restriction across the board — thank you, by the way, teru, for your help with that here.)

Well, now I’m at a sort of crossroads. I have many ideas, but, rather than me just driving by and dumping off whatever I thought would be appropriate, I chose a new strategy: ask the experts. (That’s you.) Here are my ideas. Let me know which ones you think would me the most helpful contribution to this site, and why. (The “and why” part tells you I’m a school teacher, right? :D )

Here we go:


One of my remixes was from the Superterrains series I created using Csound. I plan on starting up some new, wild ideas using Csound samples for my next album — I’ve been studying mathematical signal analysis and audio theory. I could post these new samples here, as I develop them.

Planned characteristics: mono, 60 seconds or less, no effects, easily transposed sample sets (for example, posting originals based on the notes A, C, Eb, and Gb, so that they may be shifted up one / down one easily to make a chromatic set.)


I just finished a new Jamendo album called Martian Winter. However, in a previous post, I learned from fourstones that odd meters are sometimes an obstacle for remixers. That’s trouble in this case — Martian Winter is almost all odd meter.

Therefore, it makes little sense for me to post entire tracks as I did before. Instead, I believe that I will post samples, especially those that can be looped or loaded into a sequencer easily.


Finally, my own remix talents are sadly lacking. I seem to be much better at producing original material — starting with a blank slate. I think I’ll get better with practice, but I don’t like releasing works until I feel they are above Sturgeon’s Law ;-)

So my question is this: which is needed more? I can see that it’s impossible to remix without content to remix, but I can see that no one will be drawn to a music site without cool music.

Your arguments and opionions are appreciated! And thank you for your time in reading this.