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...do a roller skating video for this!!! thank you again and welcome to ccmixter!!
review of 'manhowler' by 'siobhan dakay' works really well with the video. cool format (the square). was not aware that is possible.
review of 'manhowler' by 'kara square' very cool and engaging. like snow said, perfect for games.
review of 'manhowler' by 'snowflake' powerful underground journey ideal for film or video games. you guys are so pro!
...se it was part of a video he published while the siege was happening, and that was his idea of calming things down (what?) anyway
review of 'latiniumx' by 'dunun_twoeyes' i like music, and i want to use it as background music for environmental protection videos. but ...
review of 'a billion stars' by 'snowflake' captivating - ambient sci-fi. this would make an amazing music video. could i get an instrume...
...me reverb and delay games. it seems to me that i had already heard some of the melody in the second part, perhaps you also remixed y
...there. like a home video. [up][/up][up][/up][up][/up]
review of 'moonlight' by 'mwic' i like the music_for_games tag on this. seems like it would fit in nicely on the gorgeous "gris" or maybe...
review of 'downtime rules' by 'texasradiofish' good orchestration for video and film, mdb [up][/up]
...ntial for different video uses, one of which might require re-balancing the levels of each channel. anyway, something to consider,