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review of 'surreal, yet genteel' by 'fireproof_babies' oddly satisfying indeed...i do love crows!
...still, this is very satisfying to listen to. i dig the effort he put in to synch it properly with the pell, that effort makes the
review of 'morning birds (treatment)' by 'clarance boddyker' the way you put this together is very satisfying, aint nothing better to me ...
...ody and a vivid and satisfying master/mix, all in one song. i love the way that cg generates such a diverse set of mixes--but i l
...to me was more than satisfying. the pells are synched and the music really compliments 4nsic & drasmatica, i would buy this track
...st, very urban busy satisfying.
review of 'traveling alone' by 'cdk' hey man ,this is nice and tranquil, but just enough to satisfy, good work!
...well. you achieve a satisfying atmosphere here. the vocals work in the mix. the horn doesn't work perfectly for me, but it's intere
... the vocals is very satisfying. here you take all those vintage synth sounds and make them sound fun and interesting.
...in a groovy highly satisfying way - i like the tension and the attitude. fantastic. i wish i could give it 6 stars.
gurdonark review of "elephant (big top remix)" this is a satisfying mix, with a lot of subtlety and complexity within it. i like the "el...
... here--a completely satisfying departure from the source material.