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review of 'economic hitmen' by 'csoul' i thought this vocal with drums and and i have done.but the results did not satisfy me.this is my ...
review of 'i dreamt i was a human' by 'speck' anticipation, intensity, psychedelic cool down. all very satisfying. a trip and a treat.
review of 'groovity' by 'admiral bob' integrating this many pieces into a whole so satisfying would be an impossible task for me... i env...
review of 'enamorada' by 'speck' nicely done panu. engaging storytelling with a perfectly balanced musical backdrop. so satisfying to set...
...hole, well done and satisfying.
.... agree with speck. satisfyingly relentless.
review of 'dark howler' by 'scomber' great use of the samples, with your own touch. big full satisfying sounds. [up][/up]
...tic seduction, very satisfying. yes heard the butterfly part and thought it a good combination. thank you for this pleasure.
...thy, warm, safe and satisfying holiday season!
... excitingly. a very satisfying listening experience! xxxx
...axing and curiously satisfying about all the sounds in your backing track. xxxx
review of 'freedom to share (gurdonark chant)' by 'speck' nice variety within a tight structure. succinct and satisfying.