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sound from our souls another lyrical/melodic rearrangement. more minimal, more serious. --lyrics-- i back away from true love. i'm...
...as to make a 4 part arrangement using the whole solo from "lamborghino" as a melody but my pitch shifter said no. so i used some of
... by eric gabitzsch. arrangement and rhythm track by tony saint. samples and loops to come. (i had to delete a couple of old songs f
...d it and we'll make arrangements. media,original,bpm_120_125,bass,electro,female_vocals,funky,synthesizer,sampling_plus,audio,mp3,44
history piano loop from minus kelvin with extra string arrangement and colin mutchler's pitched up (sorry) vocal media,remix,editorial_p...
...re with the overall arrangement of it(perhaps more creativity with the drums...hey, every song can't have jaw dropping fills), which