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... - midnight where: space gallery, 1141 polk street (between sutter and hemlock), san francisco the schedule: doors @ 8pm album
...ox has about 6gb of space free. i can be reached in this thread or at [dorkincorporated]@[gmail.com]. (remove brackets to make ad
... music links. myspace requests are welcome, although garrett has accessibility issues with those. some of them don't work too we
profiles hi, i think the info on the profiles is sometimes weak. i think it's cool to add space for the gear used (soft y hardware), the...
... is to add a little space in the acapellas upload section to post th elyrics of the song and animate uploaders to add the lyrics.
last activity date for users pretty simple; just like myspace or any other online community: why not keep a record of last login date, so...
...e less details then space wise you could see more new mixes listed per page. often all you need is the title and mixer name to g
gracias y buen viaje siempre, sr. stockhausen. karlheinz stockhausen passed away on december 7...i took this bio from his myspace page: ...
...n easily blog, or myspace or whatever with a direct link or a flash player linked directly to the remix. [b]button flash player[/
...if i'm wasting good space in a help area, but i need help. :) bummer.
...files/dj_rkod/11368]space-based utopia[/url] or [url=http://ccmixter.org/media/files/dj_rkod/11399]sight of heart[/url]. upload y
... written with the myspace refugee in mind :-) i'm not sure, if it makes sense to have a little something like that maybe even on