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review of 'venom (@nop mix)' by 'vickydan' great musical success .... the sprinkling is perfect [up][/up]
review of 'world below (one day)' by 'sweep_lofi' truly an excellent mix.
... incredible... such excellent lyrics, too. thanks for putting the beatbox vox to good use.
review of 'trying not to break' by 'kara square' you're an excellent pianist! thank you so much for remixing my vocals. i appreciate it!
review of 'backyard summer crickets' by 'apoxode' right on, geeartriasrose, perfect for the summer! excellent addition to the summer vib...
review of 'maverick chill' by 'javolenus' excellent---sounds awesome! [up][/up][up][/up][up][/up]
review of 'papa's got a brand new stereo set (1970)' by 'speck' a most excellent collage. expertly crafted and fun as all getout. very mu...
review of 'enchanted ft. rewob' by 'rewob' excellent work apoxode. all the sounds blend nicely together to give this track a nice chilled... amazing. anyway, excellent mix, highly enjoyable!
review of 'yesterdays blues' by 'kara square' epic folk orchestral arrangement. excellent use of dynamics... very powerful. great product...
review of 'my foolish secret' by 'kara square' excellent all the way! this is one of those rare uses of autotune that works to my ears. b...
... remixer and remix. excellent!