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review of 'kiss' by 'kara square' excellent mix, whitewolf. highly enjoyable. great use of dynamics. well produced. and i hadn't heard th...
review of 'tip tip toe' by 'speck' an excellent backing. [up][/up]
review of 'control' by 'kara square' excellent songwriting and vocal delivery. powerful.
review of 'samba daze' by 'speck' excellent. [up][/up]
review of 'yoy mix' by 'scomber' excellent!
...e, i'm positive. an excellent track!!! hitting my favourites playlist as soon as i complete this comment. right on!!!
review of 'yoy mix' by 'kara square' stirring reflection, excellent arrangement. congrats on the well-deserved ed pick!
...ana junkie's stems. excellent arrangement.
review of 'rodeohead' by 'apoxode' sweet, excellent build into the double time with a smooth resolution. right on, septahelix :) [up][/up...
review of 'madness' by 'speck' excellent mix. i think this is the third time i've been 'left behind'. i'm trying not to take it personal...
review of 'notice me' by 'gurdonark' excellent track--really full of life.
review of 'yoy mix' by 'speck' excellent, totally engrossing. [up][/up]