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review of 'dreaming of peace' by 'apoxode' solemn and accessible, a message of the day. well blended, with just a dash of pepper ;) t...
review of 'your job is to resist (your pupa is dilated remix)' by 'speck' i enjoyed this very much (twice). accessible coolness. [up][/up...
...all delivered in an accessible way.
review of 'the code of my heart' by 'snowflake' you've created something accessible, experimental, emotional and beautiful. the minimalis...
...ayish-tune far more accessible. i'm very honored by this amazing remix!!! [up][/up]
... up. :) complex yet accessible. i love the cymbal work! your dynamic builds are amazing. when the rhythm section enters, wow, you ta
review of 'earth is burning' by 'admiral bob' this is a work of brilliance - exotic in its movement structure, but very accessible, and m...
review of 'loaded with vitriol' by 'urmymuse' yes i like this also, intriguing but accessible [up][/up]
... think this is more accessible to a wider audience that would also like bands like weezer.
...qualitã© mais aussi accessible bravo :) [up][/up][up][/up]
...s also commercially accessible. congratulations to all!
...nd. ! a complex yet accessible production that i am honored to be part of. [up][/up]