Yin of Yang Mixing In Progress

Editors' Picks

Love Cast A Spell (Key of Love Mix)

Siobhan Dakay used some unmixed samples by ANTIQCOOL and Madam Snowflake in a very soft and warm way. What a lovely ballad.
Stefan Kartenberg

I Can't Remember (Folk Mix)

by: Speck
Heartfelt folk ballad with a touch of psychedelia. In this well produced remix, Speck pairs the beautiful guitar work of Stefan Kartenberg with the emotional vocals of KungFu, supplemented with backup from unreal_dm for a spiritual journey of heart and mind.

Pay It Forward-The Love

TRF brings the love with J.Lang in a mix that is sure to make the flowers blossom and sun shine even when its raining.

Bucket List

What’s on your bucket list? Mana Junkie’s spastic, drum & bass, electro remix of Rob Walker’s spoken word might just get you inspired to knock yours out!
Kara Square

Room 14

Clever rock-pop featuring hooky piano and guitar melodies wrapped around powerful vocals from Copperhead. Stefan’s arrangement and production have made this track a super hit!


Admiral Bob’s remix of Mr. Yesterday’s
Monuments draws you in right from the get go. Just a fantastic laid back track where everything breaths in a killer production!


by: panu
“Famous last words” is a teriffic remix made by PanuMoon. With all his well selected samples of different ccMixter artists it’s a dream within a dream.
Listen and enjoy!!
Stefan Kartenberg

Are you scared yet?

Sascha Ende created a ballad with much heart and soul and the terrific voice of Admiral Bob.
I’m sure you’re not scared about this wonderful mix.
Stefan Kartenberg

Escape from Mars 180

Quality work.

It's Not Silly!

by: Speck
Producers and pro engineers toss around words like mojo,glue and warmth all the time but somehow too many tracks sound two dimensional and flat. Speck has combined his love of sound and production skills into a track that’s so gooey and good you could use it as a reference track for cutting edge 3D sound. Even if you don’t do mouth sounds or play tuba, there’s a lot to unpack and like here.


Wall of Sound

Apoxode channels Sir Mix A Lot in this groove filled track. Everything fits seamlessly Like it was written from scratch.
This remix is what CCmixter is all about.

I Miss You 2 AM Club Mix

by: J.Lang
2 am in the club.
The air is hot and you look for the person you have seen last time here. You both danced to the beat…and now where is that person. Will she/he appear again?
And all the sudden at 2 a. m the sun starts shining…and the music ends.

Take a listen to this track that comes soft as a silky scarf and take it as your best friend.
Siobhan Dakay

You Make Me Smile

If you want funk, texasradiofish has got it! This track does make me smile since it’s got elements to groove too.
Mana Junkie

Its Time

Pulsating romantic pop/rock. Stefan Kartenberg masterfully interprets the passion of Veta Sky and Soy Ferro’s vocal performances. Fall in love again with this nuanced and sensational production.

hot lite core

by: panu
Listen to and relax with these smooth soothing audio waves. Panu successfully collaborated with Geert Veneklaas, Dave Merrick and airtone to create therapeutic music to improve and maintain well-being.