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Editors' Picks

"Sliding Cavern" (Deep Green Mix)

by: lethal
Housy IDM with emphasis on the ‘I’

Great sample choices put together in an emotionally satisfying mix. Awesome debut by newcomer lethal, looking forward to lots more.

Panic Attack (Feat. Colin Mutchler+Dr.Concotion)


Turn up the bass, piss off the neighbors and hold on while you take a trip on the EdShift transport. This is loud, loose, sloppy, funky… just like I like my… er, music.

Deep Down In My Heart

blue gospel, groovy soul, my first obvious pick, i’ve listened to this nearly a thousand times, great driving music, no treatment on this one, pure art

Twinkle, Twinkle

A sweet, soulful Hip Hop mix ft. vocals from 3 different Mixters. The Chilla name has never fit more perfectly. : )

One Question (featuring P.Mac)

by: GaryM
Glitchy, big beat is alive and well at Mixter with GaryM’s first drop — a rockin-the-house scratchy, synthy romp of P. Mac’s a cappellas.

Another great premier at Mixter, welcome Gary.

one moment (cdk play it cool mix)

Chill. Period. An emotionally transformative mix that puts you into a beautiful space. Really nails the mood.

From cdk, one of the most prolific and important contributors to ccMixter. ‘one moment’ is just one more reason why it’s cool to hang out here.

My Supergirl

A brilliant remix of LDB’s original ‘Pells for Girl and Supergirl and SFB’s Clockwerk Girl remix. Excellent debut Johnnok. : )

Quant La Doulce Jouvencelle The dirty water mix

by: J.Lang
Delicate, sensual and moody. A good example of cross-genre mix. Recommended for night listening.
Cezary Ostrowski

Hot Summertime Night (Me And My Turntables On The Roof Remix)

I know it’s good when I’m left lacking a musical comparison, yet still thinking “damn that track was hot” start to finish. The only thing that is remotely equatable is some BS2000 except this track has some bangin vocals.

Be Brave (Dub-TripHop RMX)

Sensual, trippy remix that is best listened to with dimmed lights and incense burning (do people still do that?).

Antony’s piano samples have already been used several times in other remixes and this time he proves his versatility by turning in this fantasic remix of Norine’s Be Brave vocals. He has also done the community a great service by uuploading the original loops he used to make this remix.

Enjoy, download, remix and share.

Bingo Baby Babe

So I guess the boys over at Creative Collective have been busy. An impressive live collab with Fegya Bako, Mojo B, F.A.L.C.O.N.B.Y.R.D. and HPP/G3.: )


Somewhere between trance and trip-hop. I’m a little biased when it comes to Shockshadow’s music. I love all of it so I feel strange picking one song. Anyways this went straight to the top of listener’s picks and has the best How I Did It section so far and of course it’s an awesome piece. It’s a pick. Sorry for the delay. : )

Son of a Hobo

Yet another instance here at ccMixter of “why isn’t this guy famous?” His name is Ronan Tyrrell. You don’t need me to tell you what kind of music it is. It’s just good. Big thanks to ASHWAN for the introduction and pellas.: )

My Name is Geoff

This track is a Fourstones gem. Smooth and funky acid jazz. Download it and play it when you need the groove. Trust me. : )

Granados: Spanish Dance n. 2

Absolutely gorgeous melodic piano track…played by fingers that understand how to touch keys and convey emotion.