Time of Terror Remix Event

Editors' Picks

Remember feat.Fort Minor (Ghetto Metal Mix)

Thumpin, bumpin, fresh sounding mix with just a touch of the edgy guitars and lots of heart all over it. This genre buster has rock, funk, hiphop all living together in sweet harmony.

Remember the Name (Kaschke & Mauer Remix)

Mad heavy bangers, oh my!

This is simply super. And the overdrive boombox sounded super on my nearfields too. So thumbs up for sound too.

Ending the Drought (featuring Shagrugge)

Soft, delicate but tense journey though an emotional landscape that shows us what happens when two of ccMixter’s more experimental artists experiment working together. Seems they brought out the best in each other with this beautiful aural landscape.

Blissful Strides Remembered

Booty shake!

Super slick and hot. Pat Chilla is one of my favorite Mixters, no doubt!

The Next Step

true hip hop, and one hell of an contest entry, people will be begging for this acapella, awesome production, and twisted samples.
trifonic shows us all what’s up, can they be a three time winner, only time will tell.

Both Sides

I am a total sucker for a nice big beat, “Both Sides” brings exactly that, a clever mix of the criminal contest samples, perfectly programmed, this mix makes you move.
funky as hell
jerry’s first mix at ccmixter is sure to please.

Still Music, Whatever

by: teru
Jazzy, funky, deep and very, very well produced. This tracks captures the essence of the jazz/hip hop fusion and doesn’t really sound sampled!!!! In my mind, I’m in a smoke filled, hole in the wall upper room enjoying a drink or two and tripping on the fact that I didn’t know Teru had dreadlocks!!!!! :)
Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla

Dysfunctional (Shakey Mix)

by: Shakey
Slick production on a hip hop oddessy through the Ms. Vybe mindscape. A perfectly serious interpretation of what could be considered a light hearted rap.

Shakey doesn’t upload much, but he sure makes it count when he does.

Fly Dream - Zrox remix

by: Z-ROX
a very smooth trip-hop trance remix of teru’s fly dream, pefrectly mixed synths and pads, take this song into the new year with lisa db’s vocals sprinkled on top and a touch of fourstones, this track is one of the best of 2006

never get out

Acid smooth, silky jazzy. A complete recasting of Brad Suck’s rock vocals. Slick production and happy feeling makes this an easy edpick. To be enjoyed in the sun or snowbound.

Midnight Pumpkins

Hip hop perfection is attained in this latest Chilla masterpiece. Totally different take on the EMONIC accapella ‘Up Until Now’, it has a minimal, kicked back, spooky edge. Completely contemporary in feel. You sense this all happened so easily for Pat. A 5 star banger that is definitely one for the whip.


Funky, sexy and oh yea, a plug for the site. This is the forumla for ed picks ladies and gentlemen. ;)

Learn it, churn it, don’t burn it.
ccMixter Admin

Quando o dia vem

Brilliant track…Squarepusher meets brazilian bossa electro, with an equal balance of acoustic and electronic. Very melodic track…great drums throughout, I even dig the carnivale style firework toms. Download this before you have to pay for it.

Dub Philosophy (Mad _ghost mix)

by: _ghost
Great track thievery corp/Dzihan & Kamien vibe going on here. Warm ambient synth melodies meet middle eastern styled breakbeats with a surprise morph into electro clash toward the end of the track. A great mix.

The Message

A brilliant collaboration effort by CDK and Shockshadow. Emotional enough to bring a tear to Dr. C’s eye I’m sure. ; )