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Editors' Picks

We are in Love

Sweet as honey, a straight throwback to a time when you didn’t know how good you had it. The execution is genuine (hard to do) and the result is smooth as silk. The genre is “vinyl cocktail lounge” and the drinks are on the house.

Shame (dogmix)

by: oldDog
A George Martin-esque production by one of the most versatile and consistent, yet daring risk-takers on the site. OD has uploaded so many great tracks that I’ve spent entire evenings having him provide the soundtrack. This fantastic arrangement and production demonstrates what makes that possible.


Behind the simple blue avatar of Onlymeith is a highly skilled and sensitive musician who has quietly delivered some great work onto CC mixter.

1982 is a complex symphony of weaving tones and deep themes. So try to listen behind the principal voice and there you’ll find Onlymeith.

Its like perfume for the ears
Play 1982

Broken (DURDEN version)

Durden’s epic treatment surrounding Amelia June’s sorrowful vocal track from Trifonic’s masterful “Emergence” album is a symphony for the new millennium. Surrounding pained sadness with determined power, gentle strings giving way to powerfully melancholic guitars, soaring and circling above a rhythmic foundation made of pure rock.

Wait (Liquid Version)

A somambulistic experience, with the vocals of Vox of A Minor theory drifting majestically into dusty rooms, filled with oxygen and water like eddies of time.

A Minor Theory + Maxwell = A Major Trip

leaves of autumn

A power ballad arrangement for the ages, sleeperspaceborn goes all out with Shannon’s “Silence” matching the a cappella emotional note for emotional note. Nothing subtle about this one, crank it.


I hear a hit from 1967 (Motown) or 1987 (Mod revival) in this great remix of dripmanila. And wail, it’s about time ol’ Doghouse Riley got an ED pick. ; )

It Was 1972

Lasswell’s touch of Bacharach, Hathaway, Gamble & Huff and a vibe from 72 is simply put ” BEAUTIFUL “.

Lush ” TSOP ” Strings, a soulful Hammond, and Franks “Oh So Cool Vocals” Your back in 1972 and if your to young to know, just close your eyes and listen.

Remix Culture Addict

Hip-hop pastiche done at its highest form in which a tribute to the site turns out to be a tribute to the DJ. This is artistry folks. Perfect in execution and more important perfect in feel.


Is it real or is it Memorex? An amazing re-arrangement by Spinmeister of both the piano and the vocals (from separate songs) to make this smooth lounge child.

Back To Me ( The Hearts Regret )

Sweet sensual and soulful. The combination of Frank’s Vocals and Loveshadow’s Production has never shined brighter.

Love Kaer Shadow Trouz Jericho Vs Unforgiven

beauty for the ears…melancholy with moments of sunshine

Good Enough (GE Piano mix)

These great Trifonic vocals were bound to inspire people to want to match their emotional delivery.

George here moves into a deeper shadow and shows his skill and sensitivity.

It is more than just good enough. Quite simply for me if you dont feel this, get someone to check your pulse.

The Sweetest Sin

A sinfully sweet house mix by Loveshadow. You can’t help but to enjoy this track which uses the Trifonic samples ft. Amelia June which were put up a mere 36 hours ago.

“this is exactly the kind of thing we were hoping for in releasing the stems.” - Trifonic

The same but different (Jazzy style RMX)

Hooks you in the first 8 bars, gets you out of your chair by 16. Luxury Lounge ( Yea I named it )

Retro & contemporary in an infectious cocktail of groove & style spilt over a flavour of Tom Brown.

Only 2.30 long so loop it up and move the furniture.