Editors' Picks

Hard Moon

by: Pitx
Tuvan garage funk comes to ccMixter. Pitx has been quietly building a fantastic soundtrack for any flash or video with his uploads here. Nobody on the site mixes earthy grooves and sounds with such an artistic touch and phrasing.

See? Not all ed picks have female vocals or Brad Sucks.

Martinis On The House (The V.I.P. Room Mix)

Welcome to the VIP Room. Over there, that’s Pat Chilla the Beat Gorilla. Pay attention you may learn something young grasshopper. : )

Don't you

A ridiculously great mix by Stefsax, our favorite Belgian sax guy. Jazzy, big-band sound combined with “non-singer”, iNFaReDHaZe. Crank it. : )

Ophelia's Song (DNA Remix)

by: DNA
Old, new, different but irresistible is DNA’s interpretation of Ophelia. This mix defies simple categorization beyond ‘good music.’ Somehow DNA manages to mix very a old feeling with very new sensibility in a seamless production and arrangement.

Tu corazón (Treatment)

I finally get to indulge in the full beauty of this treatment after having gotten my version off my chest.

This remix pretty much sets the standard for this vocal track. Beautiful chords on the guitar. And you’ve made the slow tempo really work with the vocal delivery.

A superior effort all around - and so nice to hear your wide variety of musical taste and skill!

Sick as a Dog (bs remix)

Rock out to four on the floor with ben’s simple but perfect arrangment and great production. Can’t wait to hear to his “second” remix.


all i can say is wow, duncan really brings it with this laid back melody that traps you in a hypnotic way, great layer work and very nicely mastered…

All_I_Need_feat. FAM (Onza Remix)

It’s time go back….way back…well back to 2004. DJ Kryptide gives us blast from the past with this tasty groove ft. rap by J. Gomes and samples from Chuck D. & the Fine Arts Militia.


by: teru
Elegant, haunting, romantic chill. A perfect compliment for the after hours wind-down. teru’s mix of samples is simple but couldn’t more evocative.

Time to Take Out the Trash (bill berry mix)

Rockin electro mix of a rarely remixed pell of the site’s most sampled singer. A great production but also inventive and oh yea, fun.

what if...

Vincent Vega 11 calls it a “broken record style…”. I think it’s one the best electronic music tracks on this site. : )

Ophelia's Song

Klaus Neumaier treats us to a true jazz remix of Ophelia’s Song. I cannot imagine a more perfect backdrop for the cool Musetta vocals. : )


Wow. What can I say. This has such a deep, rich feel to it. You can’t help but be affected by it. Absolutely brilliant interpretation.

"Board Certified" Ft. Tru Ski and Ms. Vybe

Ms. Vybe’s silky smooth lyrics and Tru Ski’s funky cool flavor combine with cdk’s infectious grooves and dirty bass to create an extremely addictive hip hop track. Awesome.

ophelias symphony

An edgy and sexy piece delivered to us by PhUsIoN that instantly puts you in the mindset of a James Bond theme song with its Mancini and John Barry-esque influences. This is a great interpretation of an already great song.
If we were in the 60’s I would be at the beach doing the jerk to this one.
Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla