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by: grapes
Grapes, squeezes out his finest spirits yet. Just pour a glass of the best wine, press play, and delight in this tantalizing aural pleasure.
Hektor Thillet

The Remixin' Blues

Admiral Bob leads the charge as part of the “Freedom to Share” remix project, and offers up his tasty source for others to enjoy without fear of persecution. Another salty salute to our resident bluesman.
MC Jack in the Box

Lulla Baby (interlude)

On rare occations you run into music that makes you look better,
act cooler, it could even improve your posture.

The.Spirit.Of.Light’s funky retro soul/blues take on Suzi Q Smith’s great acapella does that for you.
Play loud every saturday night the last thing you do before you leave home.
St. Paul

I Dont Hurt My Love (pseudo-format Mix)

by: Vidian
A magnetic electronic track featuring whistling, guitar and a heart-piercing vocal by Surveillance_Party.

Get up a dance! But don’t hurt my heart…

just so (picky)

by: Speck
“Just so (picky)” is a perfect example of Speck’s uncanny ability to combine disparate elements into coherent tracks; and serves as a terrific introduction to the work of one of ccM’s finest producers of jazzy illbient music.

Too Young

by: Alex
Much like a Sarah Mclachlan song, the type of music/art that can touch and mean so many deep and personal things for different people, this track by equally virtuous Snowflake, soars up high with Alex’s spine tingling instrumentation to meet a little angel and elevates our emotions on its wake; my respects.
Hektor Thillet

Too Young (a tribute)

I have remixed Snowflake once before but did not really listen to her sing, I mean I heard the song but I didn’t really hear her. Girl has got some pipes. If this track is even a small representation of her then she is truely gifted. I’m humbled by the beauty and passion in your voice which truely came across in this track. I only have one other word to say …… AMAZING!!

Peace! ;)-

Sleep Lightly

by: oldDog
oldDog creates a mystical soundframe for the delicately gorgeous vocal of Lisa DeBenedictis.

An artistic piano ballad that could remind one of a Sarah McLachlan/Tom Waits mash-up. A must listen!

Through the Edge

“Through the edge” blends the best of two of ccMixter’s finest dealers of rare goods - sounds collected from the edges of the known universe. This is music for intergalactic travellers exploring the infinite abyss.


…dont forget to

Never Be The Same

If I had a dictionary and I tried to find the words to describe this track. I wouldn’t find it. The magic Loveshadow creates everytime he puts a track together is phenominal.He always leaves me with my musical cup full. The interaction between vocals and music are a dance all their own. I applaud his talent and welcome his association. Loveshadow is a pure talent. I also do not want to detract from the beautiful vocal and song that was uploaded by SleeperSpaceborn. This combination is exceptional on this track. Very nicely done.

Peace! ;)~

Spinning between Earth & Moon

A groove as smooth as silk, Laura Eason’s delicate floating voice, and a variety of well-placed sonic textures make this chill track a pleasure to listen to again, and again.

Good to the Touch

Who needs coffee or sunshine this morning? Not me when I have this super bright music to listen to! Spinmeister, bringing out the best of his guitar’s twang, wash and pulse, along with Jacinda Espinosa’s sparkling vocal, creates a superb pop track that is absolutely uplifting!

Outside Poolside

It’s a crime. Just too many sonic and arrangement skills for one person to own.

Be Easy

by: Alex
Once again Alex shows his skills by representing with this hip-hop/crunk crossover track. I’m liking the way he drops the synth lead line. I was getting my groove on to this one. I could even see the video for this one in my mind, you know the one, bikini’s, pool! Oh Yeah! Hell of a mix.
Props definitely go out to Rob Genious,Gryme Time & Meiklasic for the vibe they’re laying down. This track is a serious club banger.

Peace! ;)-